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How to create a house sauce station

How-To & Culinary
Created | 2021.05.10
Updated | 2021.07.26

As social distancing and safety mandates begin to lift and restaurants slowly navigate through the recovery phase of the pandemic, most restaurants are sticking with the operational changes they made this past year while also trying to accommodate consumer desire for on-premise dining. 77% of adults say they plan to order restaurant or fast food for takeout, delivery, or through a drive-thru, and roughly half of adults say they plan to eat on-premises at a restaurant or fast food place during the next few months.1 Warmer weather brings opportunities for outdoor dining and more and more consumers who have been cooped up for the past year will start to fill your patios looking to reconnect with friends, family and the food they’ve missed. You can prep takeout orders and prepare for increased traffic on your patios with more efficient kitchens. 

Using a customized, countertop condiment station for sauces brings organization, ease and efficiency while allowing for a variety of offerings to grab quickly for filling to-go containers or topping apps, entrées and sides. Here’s how to create a station that sets you up for success.

1. Begin with best base to fit your needs:

Depending on the number of house sauces you have available daily, you’ll need to consider one or two bases. The large base (83600) is a perfect option as it holds the most flavors and fits perfectly on your countertop for easy access.

2. Select jars based on flavor variety:

The insulated countertop base 83600 fits up to 4 standard fountain jars or 6 slim jars. Or, you can mix and match jar sizes – 2 standard and 3 slim jars – based on flavor usage. Use the standard size to accommodate more popular flavors so your staff is refilling less often, and the slim style for signature sauces or LTO flavors you’re featuring.

3. Customize pump styles and accessories:

For vinaigrettes, garlic and soy-based sauces or thin hot sauce, pump models FP-V (Standard 82120) and (Slim 85310) work best. CP-F pumps (Standard 83300) and (Slim 85330) are ideal for ketchup, ranch, horseradish sauce or BBQ varieties. And for thick consistency sauces like house-made tartar sauce, flavored mayos, or other thick crafted sauces, use Thick Pump (TP) models (Standard 86750) and (Slim 86770). Our convenient custom engraved and color-coded knobs provide easy flavor identification at no extra cost.

Ladles work well for portioning sauces, especially ones with chunkier consistencies like salsa, chutneys, and relishes. Standard fountain jar ladles (82561) and slim varieties (82976) with 10” handles provide 1 oz portions, perfect for topping sandwiches, salads and sides and for filling takeout containers.

Finally, you’ll need lids that fit your sauce station. Use our Stainless Steel Hinged Fountain Jar Lids, standard (82545) and slim (83184) options.

Try these customized setups for two separate sauce stations mixing-and-matching jars, pumps and ladles to dispense 12 flavors easily and efficiently for both off-premise orders and on-premise diners:

Setup One: 5 Sauces (2 standard fountain jars and 3 slim fountain jars)

(1) 83600 | Countertop, Insulated Bases
(2) 82558 | White, Standard Shallow Fountain Jar, 2 Qt
(1) 83300 | CP-200 Stainless Steel 2 Qt Fountain Jar Pump
(1) 86750 | TP-200 Stainless Steel 2 Qt Fountain Jar Pump
(3) 83182 | White, Deep Slim Fountain Jars, 2 qt
(3) 83184 | Stainless Steel Hinged Slim Fountain Jar Lid
(3) 82976 | 1 oz Ladle, 10" handle
(4) 100515 | Universal Ice Packs

Setup Two: 6 Sauces (6 slim fountain jars, mixing pump styles for various sauce consistency)

(1) 83600 | Countertop, Insulated Bases
(6) 85310 | FP-V Stainless Steel Condiment Pump for Slim Deep Jars
(2) 85330 | CP-200 Stainless Steel Condiment Pump for Slim Deep Jars
(2) 86770 | TP-200 Stainless Steel Condiment Pump for Slim Deep Jars
(4) 100515 | Universal Ice Packs

For more station creation inspirations, see how we can help you create a Wing & Pizza Crossover Station or a Mac ‘n Cheese Bar Station.


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