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Server Touchless Express® Win Multiple Awards

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Updated 2021.11.04  (Original 2021.04.13)

We’re excited to announce that our Touchless Express Dispensers have earned a few accolades this year.

First, these automated dispensers received a 2021 Innovation Award selected by Smartbrief and the National Restaurant Association. These awards honor the best product innovations designed to help foodservice operators and professionals work smarter, safer, and more sustainably.

Awarded in the Safety and Health Solutions category, our Touchless Express units were evaluated on uniqueness in the market, ability to solve a problem, and practicality to put into use. A smart, safe, and environmentally-friendly way to portion patron favorites, these cutting-edge dispensers use 1.5-gallon pouches with a 16-mm fitment creating a sealed, sanitary, and cost-effective system that delivers more servings and less packaging waste. Direct-Pour units are also available, allowing guests to dispense and enjoy house-made signature sauces hands-free.

Second and most recently, CStore Decisions granted Touchless Express Dispensers with a 2021 Hot New Product Award. Winners were determined by a point system that included innovation, likeliness to carry or implement in stores, and more.

Touchless Express Dispensers are available in Single, Triple, and Quintuple stations:

  • Single Countertop pouch & Direct-Pour and Drop-In pouch
  • New Triple Countertop pouch and Drop-In pouch
  • New Quintuple Countertop pouch and Drop-In pouch

All feature our PerfectSense™ technology platform that detects a users’ hand to dispense set portions and stops serving if a hand is removed. The precise sensor field prevents dispensing during surface sanitizing or pass-by activity too. Plus, they arrive restaurant ready — just plug into a standard outlet and start serving.

These awards demonstrate a positive step forward as operators pivot to safer prep and serving practices. As sixty-eight percent of consumers said they appreciate seeing visual proof that enhanced cleaning and sanitizing procedures have been implemented at a restaurant, our Touchless Express stations meet consumer desire for improved sanitation practices.

Recognition of this touchless technology supports our future-forward thinking and advancements in innovation we’re implementing at Server Products. Our SmartWares™ transformative technology platform will meet the demands of your rapidly changing operation to deliver unmatched dispensing efficiency, accuracy, and safety.