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Turn Comfort Foods Into Creative Summer Desserts


According to Mintel’s 2021 Global Consumer Trend Report, ‘Experiences’, consumers seek comfort and nostalgia in the foods they indulge, especially during times of “anxiety and crisis.” Today more than ever, consumers are turning to familiar foods that make them feel good, and restaurants can leverage this behavior to elevate consumers’ experiences with playful twists on classic favorites. Bring comfort and craveability to your summer menu with these indulgent desserts.

S’mores Pie

50% of dessert/candy consumers mostly stick to flavors they know they will like when they indulge.1 Give a modern makeover to this beloved childhood favorite by layering a graham cracker crust with chocolate semifreddo and toasted marshmallows, topped with chocolate sauce and a graham cracker cookie garnish. Use our Squeeze Bottle Warmer to keep chocolate sauce consistently warm. Prep marshmallows and cookie garnish ahead of time by utilizing our Tiered Stations for holding ingredients until ready to use.

“Faux-Fried” Ice Cream

As 59% of U.S. diners say comfort foods appeal to them on restaurant menus1, and what screams comfort more than ice cream? Bring a flurry of flavor to this popular cold treat by starting with raspberry ice cream coated in crushed brown butter cookie crumbles and finishing with a vanilla crème anglaise. Set yourself up for success with our Mini Cold Stations to conveniently hold cookie crumbles, and use our versatile Squeeze Bottle Stations to keep crème anglaise ready for garnishing.


Global flavors like churros are influencing comfort food flavor trends and finding a home on mainstream menus. In fact, churros are expected to see a +52% 4-year growth trend2 on restaurant menus nationwide. Try this twist by serving a signature blueberry thyme compote with lemon-flavored churros. Keep your compote warm and ready with our space-saving, countertop IntelliServ® Warmers.


While this comfort food is typically paired with more savory ingredients such as beef, potatoes or cheese, empanadas are now trending across all dayparts from breakfast to desserts and snacks. You can satisfy consumers’ indulgent food fix with this sweet spin by filling empanadas with a roasted strawberry and balsamic compote and pairing with a white chocolate sauce on the side for a perfect portable dessert. Dispense uniform portions and keep your chocolate sauce a consistent temp with our Topping Warmer.

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