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Warning Signs for Equipment Needing Replacement


Server is dedicated in engineering high-quality equipment that’s built to withstand the rigors of your foodservice operation. But even the most durable of products need a little TLC. Identifying the warning signs and following proper maintenance procedures for parts replacement helps minimize downtown and keeps your operation running smoothly.

Refer to these more common reasons why a piece of equipment might not function properly.

Electrical Equipment

As with any piece of electrical equipment, if your Server product begins to smoke or spark, unplug it immediately. This could be a sign that water or food product has leaked into the unit near the electrical components or heating element.

If your warmer begins tripping the breaker, this could also be a sign your unit has accidentally gotten wet. Before sending it in for a repair, let the unit fully dry. This could take a few days depending on where the water has reached. Once dry, try turning the unit on. If the problem persists, contact a Customer Care agent.

In general, keeping up on proper maintenance and care is a great way to extend the life of your warmer.


If your stainless steel or Eco™ pump leaks between dispenses, does not draw up product, or delivers inconsistent portions, the solution could be as simple as a giving it a thorough clean and ensuring proper assembly. Use your manual – available on the resources page of our website – for instructions.

Sometimes these could be signs that your wear parts have reached the end of their life span.

An improper seal can cause food product to drip between dispenses and can make it difficult for your pump to draw up product in the first place. Check all seals and o-rings for cracks or misshapenness and replace if needed.

Food product should never make it past the seal of your pump’s plunger. If food product starts oozing out of your pump’s locking collar, the seal is most likely damaged and needs replacing.

A few things can cause your pump not to spring back after dispensing: your plunger assembly is missing a washer, or your spring is broken or missing. Remove the plunger from your pump assembly and, if the washer is present, examine your spring for any breaks or misshapenness.

If you are concerned about a piece of equipment, contact our helpful Customer Care team by using this form or by using the LiveChat feature on our website. To order replacement parts, visit our page on the Parts Town website.