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Touchless Express Dispensers

Touchless Express™ Dispensers

Condiment Collection

just profits, not packets.

Touchless Express dispensers let you eliminate tabletop condiments and to-go packets to reduce contact points in your restaurant. Plus, touchless pouched dispensing helps you manage portions and control food costs.

The dispensers ensure the contact point is far removed from food, while providing a single point to clean and sanitize. The sealed, sanitary system maintains quality and prevents tampering and cross contamination.

Touchless Express dispensers can dispense from a direct-pour, 1.3-gallon food-safe jar or utilize a 1.5-gallon pouch which delivers up to 98% evacuation. Plus, bulk pouches are also earth-friendly and biodegradable while portion packets are non-compostable.

Packets start to pile up when you compare them to pouches. A single pouch provides a profitable alternative with less waste and more cost control. It all adds up to a smarter, responsible solution for your commercial dispensing needs.

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Touchless Dispensing

zero contact. total comfort.

Touchless Express dispensers offer the same footprint as the trusted, reliable Server Express system, as well as stainless steel construction that cleans easier and lasts longer.

Single Countertop and Drop-in units dispense patron favorites from 1 1/2-gallon pouches with a 16mm fitment for a sealed, sanitary, cost-effective system. The Single Countertop Direct Pour unit allows your guests to dispense and enjoy house-made signature sauces. The Smart Brief, Innovation Award-Winning dispensers are perfect for hands-free finishing, topping or filling takeout/delivery ramekins.

81% of patrons seek restaurants with a safe environment
and strict safety precautions
as a deciding factor in where they eat.

Datassential: Fear & Response 2020

a sense of safety.

Award-winning Touchless Express™ dispensers are hand-activated units that portion sauces and condiments safely without contact. They’re the best way to dispense in foodservice where safety is everything.

PerfectSense™ technology detects user’s hand to dispense up to a 1-oz portion. Variable portions can be dispensed by removing hand before dispensing cycle is complete.

The precise dispensing field is approximately 1" to 3" from sensor eye, which eliminates unintended dispensing from regular surface sanitizing and pass-by activity in a busy location, either front-of-house or back-of-house. Each dispenser is restaurant ready with no calibration needed — just plug into a standard outlet and start dispensing.

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Restaurants should look to
shift to a touch-free environment.
Eliminate as many contact points as possible.

Datassential: Fear & Response 2020