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IxD™ Series Flavor+™ Syrup Dispenser delivers upon the exclusive Core Four™ Platform - unprecedented speed of service, efficiency, consistency and simplicity. Dispense precise portions of up to 14 syrup and sauce flavors and maximize workflow with once centralized modular unit that creates a complete menu of perfectly sweet beverages.



Supported Plug Types:
Serving Application:

Dispenses precise, automated portions of up to 14 sauce and syrup flavors from one centralized, modular unit.

  • Customizable, accurate recipe execution without memorization
  • IoT-enabled, intuitive touchscreen display reduces order errors through a connected POS system. Tracks key predictive indicators across locations, simplifying operations.
  • Dispenses up to six sauces and syrups simultaneously in less than one second
  • 98% product evacuation for minimal waste
  • Clean-in-place certified

Preset recipe portions dispense accurate flavor every time. With minimal training and no recipe memorization required, this dispenser knows exactly what you need for every kind of coffee or specialty drink at any size. Craft a complete beverage menu from a single-touch dispensing system.


# of Thin Sauces
# of Thick Sauces
Flavor+ 10 Total Syrups 4 or 8 2 or 6
Flavor+ 14 Total Syrups 14 or 12 0 or 2


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Weight60 lbs
Works WithBottles and Jugs with maximum 3 3/4" diameter and 12" long - 28mm and 30.5mm container caps
Capacity14 thin flavors
Dispense TypePush Button
Full PortionMaximum 5 oz portion
PortionVarious - adjustable in 1/8 oz increments
NSF ListedY
ADA CompliantY
Problem:The bottle or jug cap is not attaching when trying to load my Flavor+.Solution:Try an alternative cap in bag as the unit comes with multiple thread types. If size is wrong, use larger/smaller version.
Problem:The bottle or jug I am using in my Flavor+ is collapsing.Solution:Cap should be installed snug but do not over tighten. Unscrew cap and reapply cap to release the vacuum.
Problem:In my Flavor+, the bottle/jug tubing will not reach the connector.Solution:The unit comes with multiple length tubing for different locations. Change bottle tubing to lower bottle location.
Problem:The bottle/jug I'm trying to install in the Flavor+ will not fit.Solution:Large bottles/jugs will only fit in select cabinets so check the configuration to make sure the right bottles/jugs in the right cabinets.
Problem:In my Flavor+, food product is coming from locations inside unit.Solution:Remove side panel to investigate. May need to reconnect tubing or send in for service.
Problem:When trying to clean the Flavor+, the tubes won't reach the cleaning container.Solution:Place cleaning bucket on another bucket to increase height. Place bucket on a cart to give it increased height. User Server Products' cleaning cart.
Problem:The tubing in the bottle is too long.Solution:Using scissors, cut the tubing to the proper length so it just goes to the bottom of the bottle/jug.
Problem:The tubing is kinked outside of the bottle/jug in my Flavor+.Solution:Place bottle tubing in different location or connect to a higher connection. Replace tubing if seeing a kink after moving location.
Problem:My Flavor+ is dispensing at an angle or not at all.Solution:Brush the outlet locations at the dispense point and run the cleaning process to clean out the lines.
Problem:When using my Flavor+, it's dispensing the wrong product.Solution:Ensure bottle/jug is in the proper location. In the back of the unit, ensure the numbers match on both ends of the tube.
Problem:My Flavor+ is not working in peak performance.Solution:Set up a cleaning regimen that meets all regulatory requirements and is done on a consistent basis.
Problem:My Flavor+ won't prime.Solution:Use a bottle or jug with product in it. Securely attach connectors to the bottle/jug. Use tubing long enough to reach the bottom of the bottle/jug. Securely plug in the connectors on the front and back of the unit. Use the priming cycle to prime, not the free dispense.
Problem:My Flavor+ won't turn on.Solution:Plug power supply into power outlet that has electrical power to it. Plug power strip into a power outlet that has electrical power to it and turn it on. If screen does not turn on after 10 minutes, send unit in for service.

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