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4 Ways To Optimize Your Operation

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The foodservice industry will continue to be affected by the intersection of growing consumer demand, supply chain issues, inflation, and staffing shortages.1 Now is the time for restaurants to take a serious look at streamlining operations and eliminating time-wasting processes so they can serve smarter.

As an innovation led company, Server has worked closely with organizations across the country and identified four critical deliverables that are necessary to truly optimize their business: Speed of service, efficiency, consistency, and simplicity. Addressing these four proven pain points is the foundation for the development of our exclusive Core FourSM platform, which has been seamlessly incorporated into our latest cutting-edge equipment designs.

No other small-wares or food equipment manufacturer today has the capability to offer all four of these advantages that ensure operational success. Here is an overview of the Core Four tenets to learn how they will maximize your front- and back-of-house operations.

  1. Speed of Service: As more patrons head back to on-premise dining, their expectations for service have increased. Diners choose onsite occasions to relax, enjoy time with friends and family, and get away from the time-consuming task of at-home meal prep. Faster service is directly related to overall guest experience and slow service can be a major deterrent for revisiting your location. Our latest equipment designs meet this first Core Four objective of exceeding patron expectations for timely order delivery at every visit, for any foodservice operation.
  2. Efficiency: Any foodservice equipment that reduces labor and improves efficiency is a must-have because today’s restaurant kitchens are getting smaller.2 There is no longer a status quo for foodservice operations. Any automated processes that minimize human labor and maximize product proficiencies, such as reducing the number of preparation steps and decreasing food waste, are essential for operational success. Our newest innovative equipment designs align with the second tenet of our Core Four platform, delivering the highest operational results by eliminating excess waste and labor and maximizing product potential.
  3. Consistency: Patron’s expectations are high. Whether you have 5 locations or 125 or more, they are seeking a consistent experience that includes high-quality food and dependable service no matter the location. Equipment that maintains the same recipe, ingredient portions, and flavor profiles, for example, across all locations is key in providing a consistent experience again and again. All of our dispensing and foodservice equipment units undergo rigorous testing and optimization to deliver against our third Core Four objective of ensuring the same exceptional food and beverage experience every time, across all operations and locations.
  4. Simplicity: Equipment that’s running smarter, simpler, and easier to operate, saving labor and making trainer easier3 is the driving force for enhanced equipment technology. As a foodservice operator, you’re challenged with training and retaining a steady, competent workforce and in most cases, working with a reduced staff. You’ll need equipment that is easy to learn and implement in your operation while also saving on menial or cumbersome tasks like pre-mixing ingredients and automatically coating foods simply by touching a button. Our last Core Four tenet has been integrated in all our equipment designs moving forward to create intuitive, easy-to-use systems that reduce employee training and optimize all FOH & BOH experiences.

Whether you are a commercial, non-commercial, chain, or independent operation, our singular goal is to ensure your success. Our Core Four platform is the foundation for new product innovation and is designed to bring unmatched productivity that optimizes your foodservice operation and helps your kitchens run faster, simpler, more consistently, and with maximum efficiency.

Connect with us to learn how our Core Four platform objectives drive our new product innovations that will work harder and smarter for you.


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