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Safety Comes First

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Millions of people are injured at work every year. OSHA statistics show that every 7 seconds a worker is injured on the job, which equates to 510/hour, 12,300/day, and 4.500,000/year. At Server, the well-being of its employees comes first, always. Starting with leadership and funneling down through every department, safety is a part of Server’s culture, a fundamental internal code that’s engrained in every employee starting their first day on the job.

There is no specific safety committee at Server. Instead, employees are the committee, and everyone actively participates in safety prevention for themselves and others. Employees are dedicated to following a wide-ranging set of safety practices; and that, with the help of ongoing weekly and annual training programs and abiding by everyday housekeeping measures, has led to Server recently celebrating a significant achievement in safety.

Ongoing Safety Support

Server takes a company-wide approach to safety, following all OSHA-mandated written programs and policies as well as obeying internal standard operating procedures (SOPs). No matter which department they’re hired for, new employees are individually walked through Server’s written safety program. This ensures each employee is aware of all core safety components and is informed about how Server applies and activates each element of its workplace safety plan.

Employees receive weekly “Toolbox Talks” emails highlighting a specific focus area.

Examples include:

  • Reminding workers to observe their surroundings by looking for potentially unsafe areas
  • Using correct tools
  • Wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)

Toolbox Talks sometimes extend beyond the Server campus, including ones dedicated to back-to-school safety reminders to employees when driving into work, nearing crosswalks, and dropping/picking up their children to/from school.

Weekly safety messages and morning meetings take a team approach and can address important topics or issues that employees have mentioned to their managers. Staff are trained to recognize and report dangerous hazards or take immediate action to actively eliminate them, such as cleaning up spills. Employees are also encouraged to pay attention to their bodies for early signs of pain and to feel empowered to stop working if they feel unsafe.

Server conducts ongoing education, training sessions, and periodic “mock” OSHA audits as part of their safety program. Sessions have included:

  • Instruction on the appropriate use of fire extinguishers
  • Double-checking that secondary bottles and containers are labeled according to OSHA standards
  • In-house noise audits to determine if levels are unsafe, and if hearing protection is required

In addition, annual, companywide safety training combines function and fun to keep employees engaged. 

The ultimate goal of Server’s safety program is for employees to feel confident and enjoy coming to work each day and be comfortable and productive members of the Server family.

Celebrating Major Milestones

All of these safety measures and the due diligence of every Server employee have resulted in the company achieving 8 years without a lost time accident. This is not an easy milestone to meet, an accolade nearly unheard of in the manufacturing world or most industries, and one directly related to the commitment of all Server employees.

Server threw a party to celebrate this monumental feat and show appreciation to its dedicated employees. Starting the day of the event, signage, and decorations have been placed outside and throughout the building, acknowledging and congratulating employees on this unbelievable accomplishment. Employees enjoyed a cookout with burgers and all the fixings. They were able to decompress, have fun, and truly understand how extraordinary this milestone is and what it means to Server as an organization, and a family. Server thanks every employee for their role in ensuring safe practices are applied both inside and outside the walls of Server.

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