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A Relentless Pursuit For Greatness

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Server’s rich legacy has been the catalyst leading our future endeavors—championed by the visionary leadership of our third-generation Chairwoman and CEO Kris Falkner. She is driven to not just meet, but to exceed industry standards, continually seeking innovative ways for improvement, and making smart investments in the company and its people. Her commitment to investing in our people and community is in parallel with investing in Server’s future. The company’s recent accomplishments, including prestigious awards and maintaining a safe, healthy work environment, stand as a testament to this unwavering commitment.

Celebrating Successes

Kris Falkner and the Wickesberg family have been honored with the prestigious Wisconsin Family Business of the Year award in the mid-size company category. This recognition highlights the significant contributions of family-owned businesses to the Wisconsin economy and communities.

In preparation for this award, Kris was asked if her family developed innovative business practices that have helped the family business succeed from one generation to the next. Kris shared that “you can't do it alone” and you must “surround yourself with a good team, get comfortable being uncomfortable” and that’s where “learning and improvement happen.” She acknowledged that “perceived failures are simply opportunities to learn” and you need to “keep a growth mindset” to succeed and remain agile in a continuously evolving industry.

Kris is actively nurturing the development of generation IV, including them in annual shareholder meetings. She’s crafted a comprehensive lesson plan, providing background into the company's origins and family and governance structures, and key learnings of corporate social responsibility, financial literacy, and strategic direction. “Gen IV is encouraged to interact with our products, fostering a deep understanding of their significance. They also actively participate in various capacities within the business, ensuring the legacy of innovation continues,” Kris explained.

Accepting this award during the Wisconsin Family Business of the Year Award ceremony held in Madison, WI, Kris proudly acknowledged and honored her team at Server saying, “I'm so proud to be here representing the team of people at Server who exercise an unwavering dedication to our company.” She also shared, “This award is a tangible way to celebrate what my dad and grandfather have done.” Kris has conveyed her love for the people at Server, saying, “I love the people I get to work with – that's why I stayed around after college.”

Kris Falkner's exceptional leadership and vision have not gone unnoticed. She has also been recognized as a Wisconsin Titan 100 for 2024, an exclusive program celebrating the top 100 CEOs and C-level executives in Wisconsin. The Titan 100 embody the true diversity of the Wisconsin business landscape, representing technology, manufacturing, education, construction/real estate, and non-profit organizations among many others.

This recognition highlights Kris Falkner’s outstanding leadership and passion in guiding Server to success. Upon hearing about this prestigious accolade, Kris expressed her pride in representing her dedicated team and the profound impact they have on the organization. She emphasized the importance of a supportive and collaborative environment in fostering innovation and motivating employees to perform at their best.

Celebrating Milestones

At Server, the safety of our employees is paramount. We have embedded a culture of safety and wellness throughout our organization, with every employee adhering to a wide-ranging set of practices. From ongoing weekly and annual training programs to everyday housekeeping measures, we strive for an environment where every member of the Server family feels confident and productive in their roles. “We are working to create a culture that encourages employees at all levels to identify and report potential risks,” explains Kris.

Through our collective commitment to safety, Server has achieved a remarkable milestone of eight years without a lost time accident, an accolade almost unheard of in the manufacturing world. This achievement underscores the dedication and diligence of every Server employee, further solidifying our commitment to excellence.

Strategically guided by our titan leader, Kris Falkner, and driven by the values instilled by our founders, we look forward to a future that continues to set new standards in our industry while preserving the legacy of Server for generations to come.