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Coffee and Dessert Pairings


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Coffee and Dessert Pairings for Every Daypart

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Coffee, which once was primarily a morning staple, is now enjoyed across all dayparts and all hours of the night. Whether offering a mix of hot, iced, cold brewed, or cocktail form, boosting your coffee program is easier than ever before.

Now add the perfect sauce or syrup to your specialty drinks along with some caramel or fudge to an accompanying dessert, and you’ve added way more appeal. With an extensive offering of foodservice pump styles for nearly every flavored syrup and thick sauce, a simple portion from our popular Stainless Steel, Eco™, or Solution™ Pumps can make creating indulgent pairings of a coffee and sweet treat a great way to increase check averages with little effort or investment.

Another fun way to enhance appeal is to add toppings to the presentation and Server foodservice equipment has you covered here, too. Cold Stations deliver back-of-house flexibility and functionality by keeping ingredients like fruit chunks, chocolate chips, and other toppings that tend to stick together cold for up to 4 hours with ice packs. Dry Dispensers are also a great alternative for dry candies, toppings, or mix-ins and offer 14 portion settings ranging from 1/4- to 2-oz.

Now it’s time for some culinary inspiration. Try these flavorful coffee and dessert pairings as LTOs or keep them on your permanent menu depending on consumer demand:

  • Americano and Apple Pie: What could be more American? The subtle espresso flavor pairs well with warm, sweet or tart apples. Offer a slice and cup to-go or suggest as an after-dinner treat.
  • Cinnamon Macchiato and Pumpkin Cheesecake: Whether preferred hot or iced, guests will love the sweet delicate spiciness of this beverage with the dense, yet creamy bite of indulgent pumpkin cheesecake.
  • Irish Coffee and Irish Cream Tiramisu: Best served later in the day, this spiked coffee combined with tiramisu offers a doubly delightful pairing. Be sure to offer guests this Irish toast, “sláinte” (pronounced “slaansha”), which means “I toast to your health.”
  • Black Coffee and Warm Maple Bacon Doughnuts: No frills black coffee will match nicely with the sweet and savory flavor fusion of maple bacon and sugary doughnuts. Offer a shot of CBD* as an add-in and charge a little extra for the boost.
  • Iced Horchata Latte and Biscochitos: These Mexican cookies featuring cinnamon, anise and brandy are the perfect little accompaniment to the almond and cinnamon flavors in Horchata coffee.
  • Peruvian Dark Roast with Bourbon-Infused Brownie Bites: Tiny but full of rich, indulgent flavor in every bite, only a deep, dark roast can be a match for these bite-sized babies.