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The Next Generation of Server Products is Here

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Our past has always been about our future. At Server, we continue to evolve how we approach the market, guided by progressive thinking and our desire for continuous innovation to serve every customer need better. As a food and beverage technology partner, we are committed to designing smarter solutions to your everyday challenges so you can serve easier, faster, and better than ever. That’s how it’s always been. That’s how it always will be moving forward.

This next generation of Server Products will focus on our latest innovation, SmartWares™ Technology, and our Server Essentials line of trusted legacy products – both intended to solve specific needs or operational challenges by providing intelligent solutions that meet front- and back-of-house demand.

  • SmartWares Technology provides custom solutions tailored to fit your needs and improve speed, consistency, simplicity, and efficiency within your operation. Through unmatched automated solutions, fully integrated connectivity, and interactive functionality, SmartWares Technology increases speed of service while being intuitively easy to use and delivering a consistent product offering to ensure guests enjoy the same experience visit after visit, no matter the location. Combining turnkey technology innovations with our advanced industrial design aesthetics, Server solutions featuring SmartWares technology improve operational efficiencies and elevate the user experience.

  • Server Essentials point-of-use dispensing, serving, and holding equipment will continue to be engineered with operator needs in mind, providing easy-to-use, dependable options to help improve efficiencies both back- and -front of house. From our touchless dispensers and reputable pumps and specialty dispensers to our organized stations and convenient, waste-reducing warmers, our Server Essentials offerings will satisfy your everyday dispensing and serving needs.

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