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4 Maintenance Tips for Your Foodservice Pump


Server Products’ stainless steel condiment, topping and sauce pumps are comprised of numerous parts, making them versatile and customizable for any foodservice operations. To keep your pump working efficiently and consistently for years, it’s critical to care for each and every component of the pump. Here you’ll find helpful tips for maintaining your stainless steel and Eco™ Pumps for use with cans, pans, jars, insets and bottles.

Prep Pump Before Disassembly and Cleaning

Removing any remaining food from the pump helps decrease mess and stress when you’re taking apart the pump. First, remove the pump from its container and pump out any remaining food. Spray or rinse away any food on the exterior of the pump. Then place the pump in a container of clean, hot water and pump the water through to clear significant residue from the inside of the pump. Carrying out these steps helps you stay in control with minimal mess while disassembling and deep cleaning the individual parts.

Master Assembly and Disassembly

Knowing how to take apart your stainless steel pump and put it back together is half the battle. Making sure none of the parts are broken and damaged will ensure routine maintenance goes smoothly. We recommend training a few staff members (depending on the size of your operation) on disassembly, cleaning and assembly so that they feel confident in carrying out these tasks.

These resources all include detailed steps to master the pump disassembly and assembly processes:

Mind Your O-Rings

O-rings are small but important! If they are damaged, they can cause issues like dripping or incorrect portions. Most corrosion issues start under o-rings that are not removed, especially when dispensing acidic foods like ketchup, mustard, hot sauce or vinaigrettes. If using a pump to dispense cheese products, mold can develop if o-rings are not removed and cleaned. We recommend soaking pump parts in a designated container so that small parts like the o-rings, seal and discharge tube nut are not lost down the sink drain.

Don’t Forget Hard-to-Reach Places

Soaking pump parts in hot, soapy water will make them easier to clean. Soak the valve body upside down to ensure the valve ball bearing lifts away from its seat so all parts can be cleaned to prevent sticking. But no matter how long you soak parts, the only way to guarantee that all are clean is by using the brush provided with the pump. The brush easily and efficiently cleans the insides of the cylinder and discharge tube, as well as the valve body and its components.

Follow these tips diligently and your stainless steel pump will last for thousands of servings. Issues that arise on a clean and well-maintained pump often are the result of needing a new o-ring, seal, washer or spring – all of which are readily sourced, inexpensive and easy to replace. Order genuine OEM parts like these from Partstown. For help diagnosing a stainless steel pump problem, reach out to our customer service team here.