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How to Adjust Portion Size on Your 1-oz Stainless Steel Pump


Precise portion control can help foodservice operations control food costs and ensure flavor consistency throughout the day and even across multiple restaurants. Server Products stainless steel pumps include gauging collars, which allow you to choose your portion size in 1/8-oz increments. Our stainless steel pumps work with a variety of food products from syrups and dessert toppings to condiments and sauces, and come in three max-portion styles to fit your dispensing needs: 1-oz, 1 1/4-oz, and 2-oz.

Follow these simple steps to adjust your portion size using a 1-oz stainless steel pump:

Remove the plunger

Remove the plunger

Unscrew the locking collar and remove the plunger assembly from the rest of the pump.


Remove the knob and locking collar

Remove the knob

Unscrew the knob carefully – the spring may stretch as the knob releases the piston. To avoid losing parts, hold the end of the piston against a countertop while unscrewing the knob.

Remove locking collar

Because your gauging collars will need to be below the locking collar, take the locking collar off as well.


Choose your desired portion size

Gauging collars

A 1-oz stainless steel pump includes three 1/4-oz reduction and one 1/8-oz reduction gauging collars. Achieving your desired portion requires some simple math, but is shown below for quick reference:


Full, 1-oz portion

one-ounce portion

No gauging collars.


7/8-oz portion

seven-eighths ounce

One small gauging collar.


3/4-oz portion

three-quarters ounce

One large gauging collar.


5/8-oz portion

five-eighths ounce

One large and the small gauging collars.


1/2-oz portion

half-ounce portion

Two large gauging collars.


3/8-oz portion

three-eighths ounce

Two large and the small gauging collars.


1/4-oz portion

quarter ounce

Three large gauging collars.


1/8-oz portion

one-eighth ounce

Three large and the small gauging collars.


Reassemble the plunger

Replace the locking collar

Place the locking collar on top of the gauging collars.


replace knob

Pull down the head tube to expose the piston threads and screw on the knob.


Secure locking collar

Insert the plunger back onto the pump and attach it using the locking collar.

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