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Big Menu Variety in Small Spaces

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With the current landscape resulting in unpredictable traffic, managing food quantities and maintaining a fresh menu are challenging. With 76% of consumers saying they don’t mind if restaurants offer a smaller menu upon reopening[1], many restaurants have pared down their menus to focus on popular items or those that stand up well to takeout and delivery. Downsizing quantity can prevent costly food waste and give operators agility and flexibility with their menus. To meet the needs of a smaller menu, equipment with a smaller footprint makes it easy for operators to stay flexible across any day-part.

A small piece of equipment, like an IntelliServ® warmer from Server, offers flexibility and versatility in one economical package. Holding a single 1/3-size pan or two 1/6-size pans, this warmer easily serves many different menu items across day-parts. With the option to top pans with pumps or lids and ladles, operators can menu a large variety of flavors while keeping overall quantities low and using minimal space.

At breakfast, two 1/6-size jars can be used to heat and hold gravy for biscuits and gravy or hollandaise for eggs Benedict. Over the lunch hour, restaurants can easily swap out pans and to serve hot soup or seasoned meat for tacos and sandwiches. For the dinner menu, the IntelliServ can heat and hold sides like mac and cheese or mashed potatoes. From marinara and Bolognese to queso, the IntelliServ can also be used for any sauce on the menu.

Small batches of house-made toppings, sauces or soups provide the opportunity for LTO items that keep menus fresh and help drive additional traffic. In compact kitchens, there may not be ample space to incorporate new items. But the IntelliServ warmer needs only 8”x16” of space to easily incorporate new sides, sauces or fillings easily into the line.   

In addition to supporting flexibility and reducing waste, IntelliServ warmers also ensure food safety and integrity. Digital temperature control accurately warms and holds contents to a precise temperature from first serving to last. It also provides instant feedback of heat setting and status for easy operation and control. IntelliServ also passes NSF Rethermalization requirements as it quickly heats food to a safe serving temperature before bacteria has an opportunity to grow – ensuring the safety of every menu favorite. Operators will have peace of mind knowing that delicate sauces, like hollandaise, and other items with dairy or meat will always be the perfect temperature and consistency.

For more inspiration on small-scale equipment, read Optimizing Space in Compact Kitchens. Or explore 4 Ways to Up Your Takeout and Delivery Game for ideas and advice for maximizing productivity while off-premise dining remain prevalent.


[1] COVID-19 Report 15: Ready or Not, Datassential, April 2020