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Optimizing Space in Compact Kitchens

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Original Post 2012.11.07

One of the many challenges that restaurant operators must deal with is managing space limitations in the kitchen. When commercial kitchens are initially designed, considerations are made to optimize the available space to insure operational efficiency. In the course of business, menus evolve, limited-time-offers are introduced and new equipment is brought in to support new offerings. The new equipment that is brought in will hopefully fit seamlessly in the existing space. Equipment manufacturers such as Server Products design compact, customizable equipment to make the most of available space.

IntelliServ™ 1/3-size pan warmer

IntelliServ Warmers

Perfect solution to warm sauces, soups or toppings using minimal counterspace.

Fractional Jars in Topping Stations

Fractional Jar Topping Stations

Expands the amount of toppings you can offer in the same space. Learn about creating topping stations with our Bloody Mary Bar or Sundae Station step-by-step templates.

Wall-Mounted Topping Stations

Wall-Mount Dry Dispensers

Clear up counters by utilizing open wall space or empty space on the sides of large pieces of equipment. Server's SlimLine™ Dispensers and Dry Food Dispensers beautifully merchandise colorful toppings and add-ins and only require one hand for dispensing.

Tiered Stations and Organizers

Tiered Stations

Minimize horizontal space by going vertical. Use WireWise™ organizers for Stainless Steel Pumps, snack bags or drink add-ins, or use tiered rails for dry toppings.