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Serve a Crowd-Pleasing Hotel Breakfast

Originally Posted 2018.07.24

Better breakfast doesn't have to mean made-to-order omelets and sandwiches – not every establishment has the staff or facilities. All you need are a few staples and some quality equipment to keep your food at peak flavor throughout the daypart.



Enough said. Who doesn't love a warm, fluffy waffle first thing in the morning? If you want to be family-friendly, these are a must have. Don't forget the syrup!

Oatmeal, Grits or Gravy


Add some fresh or dehydrated fruit to top the oatmeal, and you'll provide a simple, flavorful balanced breakfast option. Would you rather go for a Southern staple? Try grits or sausage gravy to top biscuits! Hold each in a thermostatically controlled warmer; this way, nothing gets burned to the insets. Moisture-conserving lids also ensure your items don't thicken and dry out. Serve up two dishes with a twin warmer!

Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits

fruit and yogurt parfait

Let guests do a little customization with a parfait bar. Refrigerate pre-portioned bowls of yogurt and set up a mini bar with fresh fruit, granola and more!



With this one, you can't go wrong. Single-serving cereal boxes are wasteful and messy - not to mention they tend to "walk off." Bulk dispensers deter package pilfering while reducing packaging waste. Invest in a quality cereal dispenser. It can also add some color and excitement to your breakfast display!

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