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How to Make a Bloody Mary Mini Bar

How to Make a Bloody Mary Mini Bar

Scoop Into It | Station Creation Series
Difficulty level 2

Station Creation can be tricky, but sometimes beginning at the end is your best bet. What do we mean by that?

Like with most planning, it’s best to formulate your goal before you start working toward it – otherwise the path to success might not be so clear. For our first Station Creation, we'll start simple – try following along with our Mini Station Creation Guide, spec sheet 02071.

The Goal

Commonly called a meal in a glass, a Bloody Mary can be garnished with any number of ingredients – considering you have a long enough spear to hold everything.

Say you’d like to go for a simpler garnish sans the broasted chicken or cheeseburger slider. You choose a pickle spear, a green olive, a pickled mushroom, a beef stick and, for the rim, a lemon wedge. Having all ingredients in a dedicated base can speed up the drink-making process, similar to an assembly line.

Now that you know your ingredients…

1. Choose your Base 

Mini Bar Base Template

You have five garnishes, and one – the pickle spear – is significantly larger than the others, which makes the MB-4 countertop mini station with five jars ideal. Go with the short, 5” model – not only will it fit under your bar counter better, it’ll be easier to stab garnishes at the bottom of a 3 ½" jar rather than a 6" jar with your spear. Besides, stashing back-up jars in a nearby beer cooler keeps garnishes fresh.

2. Select your jars

For this particular configuration, you'll need (1) 1/9-size jar (represented in blue) and (4) 1/12-size jars (represented in white). If you’d like spare jars to stock back-ups, simply double the amount.

Quick Tip: As shown in the picture, (4) 1/12-size jars fit in the space of (3) 1/9-size jars. This way, you can fit more toppings in the same space, and more frequent change-outs means fresher ingredients for your customers!

3. Select your lids and accessories

In this scenario, stainless steel hinged lids will suit your needs best for the 1/9-size jar – pickle spears are much longer than your other ingredients, so a center-hinged clear lid would make it hard to retrieve them – and clear, hinged lids for the 1/12-size jars so you can keep an eye on fill levels.

MB-4 bases keep ingredients cool up to four hours with (2) eutectic ice packs (94013) or ice.

Keep your base next to the tomato juice, celery salt, Worcestershire sauce and a drink shaker, and start mixing!

Bloody Mary Bar Components

(1) 87590 | MB-4, 5"
(1) 87202 | 1/9-size jar, black
(1) 87211 | 1/9-size stainless lid
(4) 87925 | 1/12-size jars, black
(4) 87923 | 1/12-size clear hinged lids
(4) 94013 | Eutectic ice packs (use 2, freeze 2)

Ready to start assembling your own station?  See our Station Creation Guide, product specification sheet 02071.

Station creation is tricky - if you need help building a station for your establishment, chat with us for assistance!

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