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How to create an upscale mocktail station

Culinary & How-To
Created | 2021.06.15
Updated | 2021.07.26

Nothing satisfies like a cold, delicious drink on a hot, summer day. As we unwind with friends, accommodating consumers looking for non-alcoholic versions of popular cocktails is important, too, and can serve as an additional profit driver.

Mocktail garnishes deserve the same attention as their alcoholic equivalents. You can easily build a condiment station to keep the ingredients for these mocktails organized and accessible during busy lunch and dinner shifts. Here, you can store your own flavored simple syrups and high-end garnishes to recreate the upscale feel of a classy cocktail.

Start with your base

Counter space near the bar fills up quickly – mini stations are smaller than our standard fountain jar stations so they fit easily into tight spaces. Use our largest countertop base (87460) to hold up to (5) jars for ingredients and garnishes.

Choose your jars

Configure the 87460 base to hold (5) toppings – (1) 1/9-size deep jar (87203) to hold 60 oz of simple syrup, and (4) 1/12-size deep jars (87924) to hold your food and herbal garnishes. If necessary, we offer orange colored jars to call out potential food allergens.

For quick product replenishment during happy hour or peak traffic, snag a few extra jars to fill and store as backup.

Based on your drink recipes, stock jars with indulgent garnishes like Luxardo cherries, jalapeño or blue cheese stuffed green olives, and blood orange wedges, or herbs like rosemary or mint leaves.

Select your serving methods

The FP-1/9 (87310) fits in our exclusive 60 oz 1/9-size jars and lets you dispense thin products – perfect for homemade simple syrups like strawberry-rhubarb for a fresh, summer flavor or jalapeño-lime for a spicy take on a virgin limojito or margarita.

For your garnishes in the remaining (4) 1/12-size jars, pair a spoon (85156) with a clear, hinged lid (87923) for quick visibility of product level. Chill with ice or our ice packs (100515) which keep ingredients cold for up to 4 hours. The base holds (4) packs - keep back ups frozen to swap out between shifts.

Now that your bar is prepared for summer occasions, amp up your menu with seasonal LTO dishes or creative comfort food desserts.

To build this station, you’ll need:

(1) 87460 | MB-4 Countertop, 7” Base
(1) 87203 | Black, Deep 1/9-size jar
(4) 87924 | Black, Deep 1/12-size jars
(1) 87310 | FP-1/9 pump
(4) 85156 | Clear, 1/2-oz spoon with 4” handle
(4) 87923 | 1/12-size jar center hinged lid – clear
(8) 100515 | Universal Ice Pack