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How to Create a wing and pizza crossover sauce station

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Created | 2021.02.02
Updated | 2021.07.26

Mentions of comfort foods have been on the rise since 2020. Because of this, feel-good foods and top-notch hospitality will be paramount this coming year. Familiar, versatile classics like chicken wings, pasta dishes, tacos, and pizza will give diners the flavors they love with the option to get creative with toppings, fillings or condiments.

Two of these staples have championed the test of time both in-house and through delivery: pizza and chicken wings. If these items aren't part of your menu at the moment, consider adding appetizers throughout the week, or try LTO specials to test the water.

Remember – you don’t need to serve the traditional barbecue sauce or marinara-mozzarella-pepperoni combinations. While consumers are drawn toward the familiar, they’ve also been seeking out interesting twists on classics and new flavor combinations for the past few years. Use any of your own staple sauces like house-made regional barbecue and spicy buffalo or popular wing sauces like Thai chili, mango habanero or curry to mimic classic dishes in pizza form.

Using wing sauces you already have in a new way for pizza menu items creates traffic-driving new menu options that generate excitement but still feel familiar. Your operation already has all the necessary elements to expand your creativity without sourcing expensive new ingredients or equipment. The only difference is the way you think about them.

If you serve chicken wings with an assortment of sauces, then you already have options to create fun new pizzas. Here are a few ideas to get you started on using wing sauces for delicious pizza menu items:

BBQ Sauce

  • BBQ wings
  • BBQ chicken bacon ranch pizza

Buffalo Sauce

  • Buffalo wings
  • Buffalo chicken pizza with buffalo alfredo sauce


  • Curried wings
  • Thai curry vegetable pizza

Jamaican Jerk

  • Jerk wings
  • Vegetarian jerk pizza with jackfruit, pineapple and jalapenos

Garlic Parmesan

  • Garlic parmesan wings
  • Artichoke and roasted red bell pepper pizza with garlic parmesan sauce

Setting up a simple topping station can keep your trial-run toppings organized and fresh, and the added mobility benefits of a lightweight countertop station allow you to keep this mini make-line out of the way of your main line.

In your station, store add-ons to make a Hawaiian pizza or flatbread: pineapples, Canadian bacon or ham slices, shredded cheese, and thinly sliced sweet onions. Spread a thin layer of BBQ sauce over your crust for a sweet take, or spice things up with the mango habanero.

If you’re looking to create a dedicated station to craft your wings, pizzas and flatbreads, topping stations come in a variety of sizes to fit anyone’s needs. Fountain jar stations can hold up to four 3 1/2-qt fountain jars or six 2-qt slim jars, whereas mini jar stations are more compact. Each type of station can be outfitted with portion-controlled pumps, or lids and ladles for your preference.

Below, you'll find a setup that could work for many pizza creations: one 2-qt fountain jar for sauce and one 2-qt fountain jar for cheese since you'll need more of these two ingredients, and three 1 1/2-qt slim jars for protein and veggie toppings. Slim jars hold less of an ingredient, which promotes topping freshness by refilling more often and not letting ingredients sit in the jar's bottom.

To build a Wing and Pizza Crossover Station, you'll need:

(1) 83600 | SB-4 Insulated, Countertop Base
(2) 82558 | White, Standard Shallow Fountain Jar, 2 Qt
(3) 83181 | White, Slim Shallow Fountain Jar, 1 1/2 Qt
(1) 83300 | CP-200 Condiment Pump for Shallow Jars
(1) 82562 | 7 inch, 1-oz Fountain Jar Ladle
(1) 80310 | Clear, Plastic Hinged Lid for Standard Fountain Jars
(3) 82977 | 7 inch, 1-oz Slim Jar Ladle
(3) 83214 | Clear, Plastic Hinged Lid for Slim Fountain Jars
(8) 100515 | Universal Ice Packs

For more station creation inspirations to give your workspace an overhaul in organization, see how we can help you arrange your Wing Sauces or beef up your Mac n Cheese station.