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Station Creation Series | How to Build a Wing Sauce Station

How To

Many restaurants offer free or discounted appetizer stations during half-time shows to keep customers around. As we head into NFL playoffs, think pizza, nachos or another sports-fan favorite: wings.

Perhaps one of the simplest stations to achieve, The Wingman Station holds all the flavors you need to keep wing lovers happy: one sweet, one mild heat and one spicy sauce. Of course, don’t forget the ranch and blue cheese. You can follow along with our Wing Sauce Station Guide, but we will walk through The specific steps together here..

Step 1: Choose the base

The Wingman Station Base SB-4 83600SB-4

The first thing you'll need to choose is the base of your station, as it will act as the foundation for your whole station. For a single station to hold (5) different flavors, the SB-4 base is ideal. Go with a countertop model that's insulated for cold food holding (83600). The SB-4 base has two cooling options to maintain freshness. Use either ice or four eutectic ice packs to keep things cool for up to four hours. 

Using a combination of slim and standard-sized fountain jars ensures you hold enough toppings in the minimum about of countertop space. 

Step 2: Select your jars

82558 83182
       (2) standard, shallow jars | (3) slim, deep jars

In order to fit five jars in the SB-4 base, you'll need (2) standard fountain jars and (3) slim fountain jars (2). A quick tip to save time replenishing product during a rush is to remember each jar holds 2 quarts and many sauces and dressings come in 4 quart (1 gallon) jugs. This allows you to fill one jar for now and store one in the cooler as a backup ensuring you have amply supply of the ranch, blue cheese, and (3) wing sauces during a rush.

Step 3: How will you dispense?

CP-200 83300  CP-F Slim 85340
      (2) CP-200 83300  |  (3) CP-F Slim 85340

The next step in our Station Creation Guide is selecting your dispensing mechanism. Let's start with deciding how to serve the blue cheese. Inherently the cheese crumbles are too big to pass through a pump, so it’s best to use dressing varieties with no crumbles or dish it out with a ladle instead. We're using a standard shallow fountain jar, so a 1 ounce ladle with 7" handle is recommended. Cover the jar with a stainless steel hinged lid for a standard-sized fountain jar - it stays open while employees or customers dish out the dressing.

When selecting a dispenser for Ranch, we'll use the "Dispenses Key" as our guide, while keeping the jar and base type in mind. It will be served out of the shallow fountain jar and falls under "Thick or Thicker"  category, so the proper pump for Ranch, in this application is model CP-200 83300.

Insider Tip: The model "CP" corresponds with Condiment Pump (Thick products similar to ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce) and "F" indicates it's for a Fountain Jar. 

We finish up the dispenser slection process with three wing sauce pumps. Remember, your jars are slim, deep jars, and the base type is countertop – this will narrow your choice down to (3) pumps. Looking at the “Dispenses” icons in our Guide, you’ll select CP-F Slim 85340. This model is identified as "CP" Condiment Pump, "F" Fountain Jar, "Slim" Jar Width, if your interested in that kind of knowledge.

Step 4: Time to accessorize

Wingman Station
     station with pumps, jars & lid

Last, but not least, be sure to have ice packs on hand to keep ranch, blue cheese and other ingredients cold. The base fits (1) pack per standard fountain jar - so the SB-4 base holds (4). A good rule of thumb is to order two sets (8) so you can refreeze and swap out every four hours.

To build your own Wing Sauce Station, you will need the following items:

(1) 83600 | SB-4 Countertop, Insulated Base
(2) 82558 | White, Shallow Fountain Jars, 2 qt
(3) 83182 | White, Deep Slim Fountain Jars, 2 qt
(1) 83300 | Stainless Steel Condiment Pump for Standard Shallow Jars
(1) 82562 | 1 oz Ladle, 7" handle
(1) 82545 | Stainless Steel Hinged Fountain Jar Lid
(3) 85340 | Stainless Steel Condiment Pump for Slim Deep Jars
(8) 94141 | Rectangular Ice Packs

Now all you need is to set some boneless or traditional wings out in a warmer, provide appetizer boats and soufflé cups, and voila! Just don’t forget the towelettes – fingers could get messy!

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