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Five Foodservice Trends Expected in 2022

As 2021 closes, industry partners have started publishing their consumer and foodservice trend predictions for 2022 that include a push toward all proteins, inventive ingredients, and cutting-edge equipment solutions. While some publications differ in their forecasts, we discovered some overlapping trends and interesting projections across each list we felt were worth sharing. Decide for yourself if these top trends gaining ground in 2022 warrant consideration in your operation.

  1. Protein Push: With supply chain issues continuing to challenge product sourcing, exploring alternate proteins will be a big trend for 2022. Technomic expects plant-based fish, seafood, bacon, milk, and more to appear on menus. Yet, Grande Customer Ingredients Group anticipates meat-eating consumers who tried plant-based proteins will return to traditional steaks and burgers. No matter what protein format is best for you, Server can help keep them all fresh and ready.
    • Our IntelliServ® Warmers can hold and keep cooked plant-based or traditional meat at a consistent temperature for use across all dayparts. Perfect for holding taco and nacho meat, meatballs and sauce, and meaty toppings for pizza and scrambled eggs. IntelliServ Warmers can also be used to hold prepared burger to help speed up your assembly line by having perfectly cooked and held burgers. Digital temperature control ensures accurate warming and holding from the first serving to the last.
    • Rethermalizing Soup Warmers work perfectly for any meat-based soups such as chilis, cheeseburger chowder, or Italian sausage and bean soup. Available options range from 5-, 7-, and -11 qt insets with double and triple units to menu multiple soup varieties at one time.
  2. Cutting-Edge Equipment: FE&S reports that automated equipment – either robotic or more technologically-advanced traditional equipment – will help foodservice operators run their business more efficiently with less labor. From implementing robot and drone delivery services to automated kitchens and AI-powered robotic kitchen assistants, new technology is making its way into foodservice. In the Global State of the Hospitality Industry report from Lightspeed, 47% of full-service operators and 37% of quick-service operators feel new technology is key for their businesses, with 50% of U.S. operators planning to deploy automation technology in the next two to three years.
    • The launch of Server’s SmartWares™ technology platform enables innovative food and beverage solutions to streamline workflow, improve operational process, and enhance guest’s experiences.
    • Integrated into product solutions, SmartWares technology can capture, report, analyze and store data that can be accessed by in-operation Bluetooth pairing or through remote WiFi interaction for monitoring or managing any smart equipment. And all solutions are designed to deliver speed, consistency, and simplicity to your operation.
  3. Inventive Ingredients: Whole Foods Top 10 Food Trends for 2022 reports that ingredients such as yuzu and turmeric will make their way onto mainstream menus. Yuzu, a tart and sour citrus fruit, adds a complementary accent to soups, vinaigrettes, and noodle dishes. Turmeric, which has been available as a dietary supplement for some time will be used as seasonings on potatoes and veggies, in ice cream, and mixed into salad dressings.
    • Craft signature vinaigrettes and savory condiments with yuzu and turmeric. Our Squeeze Bottle Stations organize your dressings and sauces and keep squeeze bottles up to 10°F colder than in pans. Available in 3-, 4-, and 8-bottle countertop stations, you can easily keep condiments at your finishing area for quick access.
  4. Up-cycled, Sustainable Foods: Consumers are increasingly wanting to know where their foods come from. Restaurants that provide menu transparency on ingredient sourcing will be all the better for it. Grande also includes in its trends report that foods that help reduce waste are also trending – including misshapen fruits and veggies.
    • Cold Stations can keep your misfit produce cold and ready to add to any recipe. Hold chopped onions, peppers, tomatoes, black olives, and more and monitor levels easily with clear hinged lids that adjust for self-close or stay-open operation.
  5. Ghost Kitchens: One trend that's experienced a surge in 2021 that will continue well into 2022 and beyond is Ghost Kitchens. Without the need to accommodate on-site dining, Ghost Kitchens are well equipped to update operations, easily adjust menu offerings to adapt to changing consumer tastes. Often challenged with limited counter space, Ghost Kitchens need smart equipment solutions that offer a variety of uses.
    • Find speed, ease, and efficiency with our all-in-one Customizable Stations. From food pouches, tiered organizers, and fountain jar stations, we have a setup that will work for your kitchen and provides flexibility to easily swap out ingredients for changing menus or LTOs.

No matter the impending trend in 2022, Server Products has a solution.