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How SmartWares™ Technology Simplifies Operational Processes

While many restaurants have returned to full capacity and indoor dining, some restaurants have signs about long wait times or limited hours. It’s clear that labor challenges remain a pressing concern to the success of restaurants worldwide. To conquer this challenge, restaurants are investing in automated technology to improve operational processes, speed of service, and the overall guest experience.
Our SmartWares™ technology platform focuses upon innovative food and beverage solutions that meet the rapidly changing demands of the food and beverage industry. And these solutions can help to streamline workflow and enhance guests’ experience with efficiency, consistency, and simplicity.

Today’s diner expects a technology-driven experience, and those tech solutions can directly spur customers to visit restaurants.1 With its motion activation, SmartWares technology allows for safe, touch-free equipment interaction. The electronic format controls portion sizes and enables a wider portioning range over traditional manual dispensers.

Wireless technology capabilities bring an additional level of interactivity to your operation. Bluetooth pairing provides in-operation connectivity and WIFI enablement allows for remote interaction with monitoring and management of any smart equipment.

You can also easily report, analyze, and store data with SmartWares technology. loT enablement collects and reports data about the use and performance of any smart device including monitoring levels, temperatures, and more. Information is securely sent through to a cloud server for storage and analytics allowing ongoing performance-based evaluation.

We’re interested in connecting with you to learn how our SmartWares technology platform can simplify processes and bring efficiencies, safety, and improved guest experiences to your operation. Contact us here to start the conversation.


1Modern Restaurant Management, July 2021