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88150 1/9-Size Jar Pump | Eco™

Model:BP Syrup-1/9P/N:88150GTIN:687329027774List:$130.27 USD
  • 1/9-Size Jar Pump - Stainless Steel
Fast Facts

Dispense 1/4 oz servings of thin to thick sauces and condiments from a 1/9-size jar in a non-heated food table or as a component piece in a countertop unit. Eco Pumps™ are comprised of stainless steel and plastic parts and can be completely disassembled for cleaning; cleaning in place is also an option.

The Server exclusive, 1/9-size jar, 6" deep (87203) with 60 oz capacity is sold separately.

Ideal For
  • Use wherever 1/9-size pans are used, in a food table or countertop mini station
  • Serve vinegar & oil, ranch and southwest dressings at a salad station
  • Mayo, hot sauce and crafted recipe sauces for sandwich dressing
Serving Application:
Key Benefits
  • Serves consistent 1/4 ounce portions
  • Stainless steel and plastic parts disassemble for cleaning
  • NSF listed, clean-in-place certified
  • Versatile 1/9-jar fits wherever 1/9-size pans are used
  • Fits Server exclusive 1/9-jar, 6" deep with 60 oz capacity
  • Specifications
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Height Above Container4 3/4" | 12.1 cm
Width3 5/16" | 8.1 cm
Depth6 1/4" | 15.9 cm
Weight3 lb
Dimensional Weight1 lb | 4.1 kg
International Dim Wt2 lb | .9 kg
Works WithServer, 1/9-size jar, 6" (15.2 cm) deep
Capacity1.9 qt | 1.8 L
Dispense Typepump
Full Portion1/4 oz | 7 mL
Portion1/4 oz, fixed | 7 mL, fixed


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