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Dry Food Dispensers | Wall-Mount

Model:DPD WM
  • Dry Food Dispensers | Large 2L
  • Dry Food Dispenser | Large 2L Twin | 86640
  • Dry Food Dispensers | Triple Wall-Mount 86660
Fast Facts

Quickly dispense precise portions of dry food from a 1 or 2 Liter hopper. Choose from 14 serving sizes of 1/4 oz to 2 oz in 1/8 oz increments. Models for 1, 2 or 3 dispensers per wall-mount bracket can be banked in groups to create a dispensing station of any size.

Ideal For
  • Precise serving of dry candies, toppings or mix-in ingredients
  • Complementing ice cream and frozen yogurt treats
  • Yogurt toppings like granola, crisped rice cereal and crushed cookies
  • Not recommended for powders or sticky products like crushed candy bars
Serving Application:

Dry food and candy dispensers have 14 portion settings for exacting recipes. The single mounting bracket attaches to any vertical surface and needs just 5" of linear vertical space per dispenser. Go ahead and mount several side-by-side to create an eye-catching flavor station of any size.

Key Benefits
  • Display and dispense from a clear, 1 or 2 Liter hopper
  • Controls costs with precise portions – 2 oz max, 1/4 oz min; adjustable in 1/8 oz increments
  • Dispensing lever is ADA Compliant, with no tight grasping or twisting rotation required
  • Wide opening, lift-off top for speedy refills
  • Silicone discharge fitting is removable for quick and easy cleaning
Smart Tip

We have two accessories to address an ingredient that might need a little help dispensing.

  • Stir Paddle for: 1 L hopper | 86587
  • Free Flow for: 1 L hopper | 86663
  • Variations
  • Documentation
 DescriptionModelp/nCapacityServing MethodServing ApplicationList Price 
DPD WMDry Food & Candy Dispenser | Single 1 LDPD WM866701-LiterLever Serve | Wall-MountedAmbient$260.52 USD More Info Wish List
DPD WMDry Food & Candy Dispenser | Single 2 LDPD WM866802-LiterLever Serve | Wall-MountedAmbient$268.48 USD More Info Wish List
DPD WMDry Food & Candy Dispenser | Triple 1 LDPD WM866501-LiterLever Serve | Wall-MountedAmbient$627.50 USD More Info Wish List
DPD WMDry Food & Candy Dispenser | Triple 2 LDPD WM866602-LiterLever Serve | Wall-MountedAmbient$657.69 USD More Info Wish List


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