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Signature Touch Squeeze Bottle Warmer | 230V UK

Model:SBWP/N:86925GTIN:687329027286List:$606.84 USD
  • Signature Touch? Squeeze Bottle Warmer | 230V UK
  • Thermostat Knob
  • 86819 - Inset Included
Fast Facts

Heat syrups and sauces for quick and easy drizzling and platescaping. Temperature sensing thermostat prevents overheating and reduces costly energy waste.

Ideal For
  • Moving drink topping and dessert drizzle from the cook to the wait station
  • Keeping three sauces warm and ready without accidental overheating
  • Varied use; warmer is interchangeable with pump or ladle components
Supported Plug Types:
Serving Application:

Make topping and platescaping convenient with a SignatureTouch™ topping warmer. Our veteran topping warmer with a drop-in bottle holder provides safe heating while keeping your toppings handy.

This 230V warmer is thermostatically controlled to hold products at serving temperature in a water-bath. Topping warmer and squeeze bottle holder are constructed of stainless steel for durability and long life. Server warmers feature a thermostat that turns the heating element on or off as needed to eliminate burning or scorching.

The base of this warmer can be converted to pump or ladle heated toppings. Contact our customer service department for the appropriate kit numbers. By doing so, you are essentially creating a topping warmer with pump or a warmer with lid and ladle.

Key Benefits Include
  • Stainless steel construction
  • (3) .47 L high-density squeeze bottles
  • Drop-in holder removes easily for cleaning or other applications
  • Temperature controlled thermostat for accurate heat control
  • 500 watt, 230 volts, 60 Hz
  • Wrap-around heating element provides even heat; eliminating hot spots
  • Water fill lines eliminate overflow accidents
  • Specifications
  • Documentation
  • Videos
  • Trouble Shooting
Height30.5 cm
Width19.7 cm
Depth21.6 cm
Weight3.6 kg
Dimensional Weight19 lb | 8.6 kg
International Dim Wt23 lb | 10.4 kg
Capacity(3) 473 mL bottles (included)
Cord183 cm
C-UL-US ListedY


    Specification Sheet

    • Round Topping Warmers, 230V | Spec Sheet 02131
      Round Topping Warmers, 230V | Spec Sheet 02131 EX

      Keep three toppings warm and ready for platescaping in this 230V squeeze bottle warmer. Includes (3) high-density, .57 L squeeze bottles. Or warm a #10 can or 2.8 L jar of dessert toppings, gravies and more to serve with a ladle.


    Parts Breakdown

      Resource Documents

      • Equipment Bulletin - New Thermostat Knkob
        PUB | FS Thermostats

        FS Warmer Change: Improved thermostat knob and eliminated the knob guard. Affects FS Base, Twins & Triples.


My unit stopped heating, turning on or is tripping the breaker. What could be wrong?


Quickly double-check, is the outlet getting power? Do you have too many things plugged into the same outlet or circuit?
Check operation in another outlet.

Did the unit accidentally get wet or submerged?
Save yourself the freight fees and let it fully dry out before sending it in for repair. We have had units returned for repair and with a few days of dry time/transit they started working again.

Has any food waste come in contact with the thermostat?
This can cause the unit to stop heating.

Do you use the unit as a water-bath?
Using treated or softened water and air drying during non-use is a great way to extend the life of the water vessel; prevents water from leaking through a corroded pinhole onto the electrics within.

Is descaling part of your scheduled maintenance?
Over time, lime scale can build up on the unit and cause it to stop working.

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