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Baked MacNCheese


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A comforting twist to comfort foods


For their feel-good properties and nostalgia factor, comfort foods have made their resurgence this past year and are still being craved by every demographic. In fact, 69% of consumers say they will continue to enjoy the same amount of comfort food now as they have the past year.1 From mac 'n' cheese and soups to rich pastas and meaty-saucy main dishes, the possibilities on your menu are endless. We can help you meet consumer cravings while also managing labor and food costs.

Add inspiration to your lineup with these delicious comfort foods and use Server equipment to increase productivity and bring convenient solutions to your kitchen.

  • Breakfast meets dinner with a fried cauliflower and waffles pairing. For a flavorful kick, create a signature sweet and spicy syrup to top this comforting dish.
    • Serving Solution: Keep breakfast warm all day with our Syrup Warmers. Available in 1 1/2- or 3-gallon capacities, these compact countertop servers maintain temperature and feature a spigot to simplify dispensing, reducing time, mess and waste.
  • 62% of consumers first think of mac 'n' cheese when they think of comfort foods.2 Put a twist on this classic by creating a poblano queso sauce and top your mac 'n' cheese with crumbled chorizo and cornbread breadcrumbs. For a plant-based option, craft veggie meatballs from eggplant and mushrooms over spaghetti “zoodles” with a house marinara sauce.
    • Serving Solution: IntelliServ® Warmers keep your prepared queso and marinara sauces hot and ready to use. Use the 1/6-size food pans (90089) with lift-off lids (90094) to hold both flavors and our 6”, 1-oz ladles (87213) for mess-free application.
  • Soup and sandwich pairings are common, but these innovative menu matchups bring the “crave” in craveable. Take your traditional grilled cheese sandwiches and dunk in tomato soup, top with extra cheese and bake to a rich golden brown. Or try a grilled tomato sandwich covered in beer cheese soup and then bake for a different spin on the soup-sandwich combo. Broccoli cheese soup, while comforting on its own, is also a hearty, creamy filler for empanadas and dumplings.
    • Serving Solution: Heating and keeping prepared soups hot and ready saves on labor. Available in 5-, 7- and 11-quart capacity levels, our Soup Warmers hold any soup at safe temperatures all day. To serve a variety of soup flavors, we offer Twin and Triple soup stations.
  • Put a twist on traditional tacos by filling tortillas with smoked chicken, Alabama white sauce, white cheddar cheese and shredded cabbage.
    • Serving Solution: Our Express™ Direct-Pour Dispensers are perfect for dispensing high-volume house-made sauces from a 1.3-gallon jar that can easily be filled with a variety of flavors from thin syrups to thicker crafted sauces. This touch-free dispenser houses a 1.3-gallon jar that can easily be filled with a variety of flavors from thin syrups to thicker sauces like relish. Use our Cold Stations with clear lids and (3) 1/6-size steam table pans to hold chopped ingredients at chilled temperatures until ready for topping these specialty tacos.

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