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Syrup Warmers/Servers

Model:SY-1.5 | SY-3
  • Syrup Warmers/Servers
  • 85480
  • Syrup Warmer with Cider
Fast Facts

A countertop syrup server with spigot style dispenser simplifies warming and dispensing of specialty foods. Compact design lends itself to use across dayparts with 1 1/2 or 3 gallon capacities.

Ideal For
  • Serving sticky syrups and sauces
  • Maintaining temperature away from the kitchen
  • Multi-daypart use with breakfast syrup, apple cider or mulled wine
Supported Plug Types:
Serving Application:
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Crafted In the USA
  • Variations
  • Documentation
  • Trouble Shooting
 DescriptionModelp/nCapacityPlug TypesServing MethodList Price 
SYSyrup Server, 3 gallonSY841903 gal
Spigot$682.00 USD More Info Add to Wish List
SY 1.5Syrup Server, 1 1/2 gallonSY 1.5854801 1/2 gal
Spigot$455.00 USD More Info Add to Wish List

Specification Sheet


Parts Breakdown

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My unit stopped heating, turning on or is tripping the breaker. What could be wrong?


Quickly double-check, is the outlet getting power? Do you have too many things plugged into the same outlet or circuit?
Check operation in another outlet.

Did the unit accidentally get wet or submerged?
Save yourself the freight fees and let it fully dry out before sending it in for repair. We have had units returned for repair and with a few days of dry time/transit they started working again.

Has any food waste come in contact with the thermostat?
This can cause the unit to stop heating.

Do you use the unit as a water-bath?
Using treated or softened water and air drying during non-use is a great way to extend the life of the water vessel; prevents water from leaking through a corroded pin-hole onto the electrics within.

Is descaling part of your scheduled maintenance?
Over time, lime scale can build up on the unit and cause it to stop working.

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