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How To Read A Series Label On Your Equipment


The series label holds valuable information about your piece of Server foodservice equipment that can help you reorder parts, find a manual, call for troubleshooting, or start a return. We’re here to break down each section to ensure you can get the help you need.

For electrical equipment, series information can typically be found on the bottom of the unit or near the instrument panel. For topping stations, check the bottom or backside of the station. Stainless steel and Solution pump series information will be stamped on the stainless steel lid. For electrical equipment or stations that include pumps, also refer to the series information on the lid for inquiries related to the pump.

As always, you will find our contact information ­– our toll-free number, address, or website – in the same place as the series information so everything is readily available when you reach out to us.

Series Label Explained

Model and Part Numbers

Model and part numbers will help you find the majority of the information you need. Using these keywords in our resource search will populate any related how-to videos, specification sheets, manuals, and parts breakdowns.

The model number correlates directly with what type of equipment you have, sometimes referred to as a product family. For example, the FS is a countertop food warmer that uses a lid and ladle to dispense food. Models can have different part numbers depending on what country your cords were chosen for or any specific adjustments your company may have made. Part numbers are 5 or 6 numbers in length.


Series information tells you when your piece of equipment was designed and manufactured. The number stands for the year, and the letter stands for the month of the year. The first date set refers to either the original release date or a series change – a change to the model that makes the new version incompatible with parts from the old version.

The example provided can be read as released in December of 2012 and manufactured in January of 2014. Our FS started using a new thermostat in 2012 that is not interchangeable with the old thermostat. Any FS manufactured before December 2012 would need the old thermostat whereas any FS with the series number of 12L would use the new thermostat. This information is useful when you are looking to buy replacement parts or if a Customer Care representative is helping you troubleshoot.

This information can appear in different ways. For example, on our ProPortion® handheld dispenser, the date of manufacture is molded into the plastic in the form of a small clock.

If you need help with your Server product, reach out to our Customer Care team using the LiveChat feature available on any page of our website. To buy replacement parts, visit our parts partner, Parts Town!