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ConserveWell saved our members or ver $4.5 million in water and sewer costs. Learn more.

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"ConserveWell® Saved Our Members Over $4.5 Million in Water and Sewer Costs."

Dave Shandy | Equipment Category Manager, Centralized Supply Chain Services, LLC - Purchasing Co-Op

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Server is committed to the future of point of use – from our line of leading dispensing, holding and serving solutions to innovative new offerings. Server is your go-to resource for equipment innovation specifically designed to optimize your operational efficiencies. It is our mission to provide solutions for your business that meet customer expectations while managing labor and costs for your bottom line.

Trust us for:
WARMERS – countertop food warmers, cone dip warmers, soup warmers, topping warmers, specialty warmers

PUMPS & DISPENSERS – condiment and sauce pumps, touchless dispensers, handheld dispensers, cereal dispensers, dry food dispensers, countertop and wall mount dispensers

STATIONS – chilled serving stations, ambient serving stations, tiered organizers