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Top Sauce and Dressing Trends In 2023

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With the new year quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to start refreshing your restaurant menu with innovative, culinary-forward ingredients patrons are craving. Industry experts, influencers, chefs, and flavorists have weighed in on what flavors will flourish in 2023, and some definitive consumer trends are rising to the top of their lists.

One staple that will stand out with respect to flavor innovation is the sauces and dressings category. Limitless in opportunity, this category lends itself well to experimentation and customization. As 2023 draws near, chefs are excited about the cultural influences and adventurous combination of ingredients making their way into recipes and on menus. And we offer a complete selection of easy-to-use, labor-saving equipment that will help chefs prepare and serve their sauces and dressings more efficiently.

Here are some notable trends expected to reinvigorate the category in 2023 along with equipment solutions that help your operation succeed:

Floral Fusions

Botanicals have mostly been integrated into alcoholic and RTD beverages over the past couple of years and are now making their way into sauces and dressings – with an almost 30% YoY growth in consumer interest.1 Furthermore, in the past two years, floral flavor profiles have grown +91% in consumer interest.2 In 2023, chefs will bring salads, seafood, and sides to life by creating rich signature sauces and aromatic vinaigrettes using botanicals such as elderflower, hibiscus, wild fennel, and dandelion greens. 

Use Server Essentials™ fountain jar stations to keep sauces and dressings at ambient or chilled temperatures and ready to use. Choose from options that help you manage portion control by dispensing uniform portions for consistent recipes every time. From thin oils to the thickest crafted sauces, we have a fountain jar pump and station configuration that meets any operational need.

Curry Craze

In 2023, expect to see more attention given to curry-based recipes, especially Indian and Japanese varieties. Chicken or vegetable tikka masala – mild, almost sweet entrées featuring a tomato sauce with cream, chicken, and a blend of spices – are flavorful Indian curries chefs will look to experiment with in the coming year. In addition, Japanese curry, made with potatoes, onions, carrots, and meat is forecasted to be on the rise in global markets and 2023 could be the year some varieties finally catch on in a more mainstream way.3 Applications could include karē raisu (curry over rice), karē udon (curry over noodles), and karē -pan (a pastry filled with curry).

IntelliServ® Food Warmers are the ideal solution for warming and holding 6 quarts of curry-based sauces. They feature an end-operated digital display of temperature to provide instant feedback of heat settings and status. IntelliServ warmers also pass NSF rethermalization requirements for food warming equipment, keeping sauces and toppings at peak freshness throughout the day. With their small footprint, these warmers take up a minimal amount of counterpace and can be configured with ladles for easily topping curry sauces over prepared meats, rice, and breads.

Global Growth

Global cuisine has inspired American menus for some time; however, new consumer motivations such as authenticity and adventure are generating refreshed attention in ethnic flavors. Tastewise indicates rising interest in global condiments like Amba (32% rise in menu mentions), Mexican mole (176% rise in social discussions since March 2020), and gochujang (31% in recipe mentions), and expects to continue seeing expansion in this category for years.4 Chefs truly have a blank slate when it comes to adding innovation and variety to their menus with flavorful global sauces and condiments.

Whether for use with back-of-house staff or on buffet lines and self-serve locations front of house, Tablecraft® squeeze bottle stations organize all your house-made sauces and dressings for easy retrieval and application flexibility. Keep up to (8) flavors cold and handy in each station. Our stainless steel, open-frame design aids air circulation below the bottles while its lid safeguards against cold air escaping. Universal ice packs keep condiments cold for up to four hours before a switch-out is needed.

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