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Serving Solutions To Enhance Beverage Offerings

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Updated | 2023.7.7 Original date | 2022.10.03

It’s no surprise that coffee and other caffeinated, espresso-laden beverages continue to grow in popularity year after year. This is primarily due to younger demographic consumption, convenient new formats and more healthful options, and a consistent insurgence of innovative flavors and specialty offerings. In fact, 62% of Americans drink coffee daily and the average consumption rate is climbing to more than three cups per day.1 More than half of all coffee consumption in the U.S. includes specialty beverages like espresso, cappuccino, and lattes at premium prices.2 While many assume the majority of hot beverages are consumed during cooler months or morning hours, the reality is hot beverages are a staple enjoyed year ‘round at all hours of the day.

Adding coffee and other hot beverages to your lineup or making simple adjustments to your existing beverage offerings can be easy, profitable, and save labor. Server Essentials™ provides foodservice operations with a full line of easy-to-use, dependable serving, holding, and dispensing equipment to help improve efficiencies both back- and -front of house. Let’s look at how implementing Server equipment can streamline your business as we consider a few growing trends within the beverage industry. 

Fountain Jar Stations

According to the National Coffee Association, a record number of people between the ages of 25-39 are drinking coffee, and a staggering 70% of all coffee consumed by millennials is in the form of gourmet, espresso-based beverages.3 Satisfying this growing demographic is easier than ever by using variety of fountain jar station options that provide solutions ranging from cold-to-ambient applications, thick-to-thin sauce and syrup dispensing, and adjustable portioning capabilities. 

Customization is key! Server Essentials cold station jars and pumps dispense indulgent sauces that flavor any of your coffee or specialty beverages. From (2) jars and pumps countertop and drop-in options up to (4) jar and pump configurations, your patrons can easily customize the type and amount of flavor in their drink orders. Plus, the insulated, stainless-steel quality, precise portion control, and organized format of these stations allow staff to easily add flavor without over portioning or creating messy countertops – saving costs and labor.

Serving stations with ladles are also perfect for ingredients at the ready for quickly topping multiple orders at once. Utilize a selection of ambient and cold options to hold your cherries, chocolate chips and shavings, nuts, and other popular toppings. Try mixing-and-matching configurations to tailor stations to meet your operational needs. Find our complete lineup of stations to select the best option for your needs.

Topping Warmers

Make your establishment a coffee destination with the help of convenient topping warmers. Offering a wide selection of products gives your operation an opportunity to serve all your customer’s favorites from hot fudge and caramel to trending white chocolate, pumpkin pie, and pecan-flavored syrups. There are even models that feature a water bath with a wrap-around heating element that eliminates hot spots and provides accurate, even heating. Compact, countertop warmers are available in single and twin units that can dispense from a #10 can, 3-quart jar, or 48-oz. pouches giving you additional flexibility and waste-saving solutions.

Ketogenic diets are here to stay, and one familiar trend of this lifestyle is bulletproof coffee which is essentially blending butter with hot coffee. Along with topping warmers, consider a butter topping warmer and merchandiser and specialty pumps to easily add a portion of savory butter to satisfy keto diet followers’ bulletproof cravings.

Tiered Stations

Save crowded counterspace both front- and -back of house with WireWise™ tiered stations and bottle organizers. The fountain jar pump tiered station with exact portion control helps manage food costs and provides consistent flavor for beverages all day long. At about 5" wide, this dispensing station puts three syrups right where you use them with a maximum portioning of 1 ¼-oz. which can be reduced in 1/8 oz increments. Another convenient option is the tiered bottle organizer. This attractive, wire-frame design is lightweight and durable and neatly holds three levels of organization to hold a variety of 1-liter flavored syrup bottles.

In addition, you can use tiered stations for ambient dry ingredients – ideal for effortlessly elevating beverages with flavorful ingredients and toppings. This space saver needs only 5" of counterspace and showcases ingredients through its clear hinged lids for simple identification. Use this station for holding popular toppings such as candies, crushed cookie crumbles, chia seeds, and granola.

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