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Catering Holiday Parties


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Just in time for the holiday season, more and more consumers are looking forward to connecting with friends and family and enjoying in-dining experiences at restaurants. A recent study from Morning Consult showed that 67% of U.S. adults said they feel comfortable going out to eat at a restaurant as of early October with the percentage rising among Gen Z and Millennial groups.

If you’re a restaurant, you’ve already started preparing for more on-site traffic and have done the leg work of increasing visible sanitation efforts , as well as implementing guest and staff safety protocols alike. Now, with extra safety precautions in mind, you can start planning to engage larger parties, corporate events, and family get-togethers.

Off-site catering is another option to consider around the holidays. Over half of respondents in this survey said they were somewhat excited to very excited about attending a party or social event. You can easily add incremental profits by catering offsite without needing to use valuable real estate in your dining space.

Whether on-site or off, many of you will need to do so on a reduced staff, thus requiring improved efficiencies in your foodservice operation. Catering holiday events with limited staff is possible with some effective equipment solutions and creative menu ideation.

Server’s line of efficient smallwares equipment options can help streamline service. With only a small footprint required, consider setting up a designated makeshift catering station with this foodservice equipment to help manage orders. Here’s some inspiration to get you started on your catering menu across all dayparts.


Breakfast & Brunch
  • Idea: French toast with berry compote
    Equipment: Our Topping Warmer with ladle provides accurate, even heating for your compote, and prevents accidental scorching.
  • Idea: Biscuits and gravy
    Equipment: Use our Inset Pump Solution™ Style to dispense precise portions of hot, thicker-consistency toppings.
  • Idea: Granola with yogurt
    Equipment: CerealServ Dry Cereal Dispensers in both countertop and wall-mount options allow for granola and other dry ingredients to be prepped for application. Cold Stations hold and keep up to 3 flavors of yogurt chilled with 1/6-size pans and ice packs.
  • Idea: Bloody Mary bar
    Equipment: Mini Cold Stations take up minimal space in your commercial kitchen and are ideal for Bloody Mary garnishes. Conveniently hold cheese and sausage chunks, pickled toppings, shrimp, and more.
  • Idea: Crab cakes with remoulade
    Equipment: Squeeze Bottle Stations provide an effortless way to dispense remoulade for on-site orders or easily carry off-site for catered events.
  • Idea: Plant-based Cajun meatballs
    Equipment: IntelliServ® Warmers maintain consistent temps to ensure the safe holding of meat protein alternatives. With options for one 1/3-size pan or two 1/6-size pans, you can make simple protein swaps based on your catering menu.
  • Idea: Roasted cauliflower soup
    Equipment: Server Soup Warmers are NSF-listed rethermalizers that quickly heat soups to safe serving temperature while the temperature sensing thermostat keeps the soup at the perfect temperature first serving to last.
  • Idea: Pork brisket
    Equipment: Our Countertop Stations make it simple for guests to try and enjoy a variety of signature BBQ sauces. Offer a range of flavors and spice levels to accommodate different palates.
  • Idea: Beef tenderloin with Au Jus
    Equipment: Keep au jus warm and ready to dispense with our Syrup Server; a compact countertop warmer with spigot style dispenser ideal for multi-daypart use with breakfast syrup, apple cider and mulled wine.
  • Idea: Mascarpone and garlic mashed potatoes
    Equipment: Along with holding sauces and toppings at steady temps, your IntelliServ Warmer also keeps this creamy holiday menu must-have hot and ready.
  • Idea: Brussel sprout salad & cold pasta salads
    Equipment: Use our insulated Fountain Jar Station with Jars, Hinged Lids and Ladles to hold your prepped salad fixings until ready to assemble.
  • Idea: Bars, brownies, and indulgent bites
    Equipment: Maximize counter space and increase the flexibility of dessert offerings with WireWise™ Tiered Stations. Easily organize and serve ambient toppings from chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, cherries, sprinkles, and more. Use the Tiered Pump Station for dispensing thick condiments like chocolate, caramel, and butterscotch sauces.