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Integrated Connectivity Drives Productivity & Quality Control

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This month, as part of our ongoing blog series featuring SmartWares™ Technology, we are providing a closer look at Automated Connectivity and the benefits it can bring to your foodservice establishment – labor savings, increased productivity and improved quality control.

Managing labor remains one of the biggest challenges restaurant operators face each day. A reduced number of staff on hand at any given shift affects the speed of service, open business hours, and overall productivity, which in turn impacts profits, adds stress on employees and shapes patron experiences. An NRA study estimated that 80% of full-service operators and 73% of limited-service operators do not have enough labor to meet customer demand. According to the National Restaurant Association’s State of the Industry 2022, sixty-five percent of operators had to reduce their business hours in the past three months because they were short on staff.

As restaurants prioritize deploying automation technology to cut down on costs and meet diner demands for speed of service,1 adding a wireless connectivity element within your operation can help reduce manual labor, increase speed, and provide a higher level of consistency and quality control over the foods your serve. Ninety-one percent of restaurants believe automation geared toward inventory would be a key use case, and 62% feel it would help better manage online, dine-in, and delivery orders.2

Our innovative SmartWares system utilizes Wi-Fi enablement or Bluetooth pairing for seamless connectivity and real-time automatic product monitoring and management, delivering greater quality control over the food you’re serving with less reliance on staff to manually handle line checks of food temperatures and levels.

  • Wi-Fi enablement gives networked management teams and in-operation staff the capacity to connect with each other and integrate with and manage smart equipment, on-site or off.
  • Bluetooth pairing brings effectual and unified in-operation connectivity for immediate, automatic monitoring and management of food levels, temperatures, and more.

With SmartWares Wireless Connectivity capabilities, staff and management teams can essentially communicate with your operation’s smart equipment. Staff will be notified if your pasta sauce and ketchup are low and need replenishing without having to physically check. If your soup equipment does not maintain safe temperature levels, your team will be alerted. These features alleviate constant equipment and product checks and give staff time to manage other back- and -front-of-house tasks such as preparing food, serving onsite guests, and completing offsite orders.

Contact us to learn more about how SmartWares Technology can work in your operation. And read our blogs SmartWares Dispensing Technology and Progressive SmartWares™ Technology Empowers Foodservice that take an in-depth look at SmartWares’ capabilities.


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