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In our previous blog post, Progressive SmartWares™ Technology Empowers Foodservice, we introduce you to and provide high-level capabilities of our latest innovation – Server SmartWares™ Technology. Today we’re digging in deeper on specific advantages that this transformative technology brings to your operation with turnkey, activated dispensing options.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen more and more automated solutions emerge in foodservice as operators face prolonged labor challenges while balancing on- and off-site traffic. In fact, in a recent technology survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association, 63% of respondents said they plan to invest in some form of technology in the next 12-24 months.1 In a separate study, Restaurant Business asked operators what technology they would lease or buy if cost was not a consideration – 52% indicated back-of-house technology and 45% said integration software that consolidates orders into one system.2 SmartWares Technology can do both, and a whole lot more, bringing unmatched efficiency, accuracy, consistency, and simplicity to your operation.

Let’s review SmartWares activated dispensing options:

Electronic Dispensing Technology

  • Controls portion sizes to eliminate waste and over-or -under portioning for faster, consistent, and stress-free dispensing – saving staff time and labor from having to manually measure out every sauce, dressing, or condiment portion. Plus, in front-of-house usage, these perfect portions help guests control the amount they dispense and can help keep self-serve areas mess-free.  
  • Can be programmed to dispense the exact same serving size across every one of your units, bringing uniform flavor and a consistent user experience use after use, or visit after visit.

Sensor Dispensing Technology

  • Touch-free interaction offers a more safe and sanitary dispensing application to your operation through motion, QR code, or voice-activated sensors.
  • Provides simplicity and enhanced productivity. 49% of operators relayed that [restaurant technology] is a major advantage because it boosts throughput and improves service.2 SmartWares sensor dispensing saves valuable time especially for operations already experiencing reduced staff numbers.

POS Dispensing Technology

  • Connects back- and -front-of-house systems to increase efficiencies. Integrating Server’s SmartWares POS technology can help your operation and staff perform at a higher level with one streamlined, cohesive system.
  • Reduces order errors through a seamlessly unified, automated platform. In a study from Panasonic, 71% of respondents cited digital transformation as very important to business agility, more than any other factor.3 Connected systems through SmartWares Technology boost performance, replacing manual responsibilities with a more productive solution.

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1 National Restaurant Association 2022 Technology Survey in partnership with Sage Intacct.
2 Restaurant Business Survey Sept 2021