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Get equipped for the meatless movement


Consumers continue gravitating toward meatless meals as more plant-based alternatives take root at both retail and away-from-home venues – with slightly over half of consumers saying they are trying to consume more plant protein1. 77% of consumers that ordered plant-based items at a restaurant said having these options on the menu plays a role in which restaurant they choose2. Foodservice operators can benefit from this increasing demand for meat alternatives by making some simple swaps or adding protein substitutions for current menu offerings. With Server’s complete portfolio of innovative and convenient dispensing, serving, and holding solutions, we can help optimize operational efficiencies as you incorporate additional ingredients into your lineup.    

Burger and Sausage Swaps

Alternatives to beefy burgers have already made headway onto mainstream menus with plant-based burgers expected to grow +76% over the next four years3. Plant-based sausages and vegan hot dogs are also delicious substitutions for their meaty counterparts. Server’s broad selection of Cold Serving Stations are insulated and feature clear lids for optimal viewing of ingredient levels and keep meatless toppings fresh and ready for layering on flavor. Easily hold sliced avocado and banana peppers, diced tomatoes and onions, or chopped pickle relish and jalapeños all day.

Poultry Possibilities

Technomic predicts that plant-based proteins will grow nearly 35% on menus by the end of 20224. Poultry alternatives are primed for growth with plant-based poultry growing more than 8% in menu mentions year over year4. Adding a variety of dipping sauces for vegan wings or tenders is simple and efficient with our Squeeze Bottle Station that can keep 8 sauces cold, handy, and organized. Squeeze bottles are also perfect handheld dispensers for filling condiment containers for on-premise or to-go orders.

Seafood Substitutions

18% of U.S. consumers bought their first plant-based protein products during the pandemic. And almost all of them — 92% — say they will continue buying these products5. Seafood made from plants is starting to make waves on menus, leading with shrimp, but following not too far behind are options for crab, lobster and scallops coming in 2022, reports VegNews6. IntelliServ® Warmers are ideal for warming and holding sauces for seafood pastas, tacos and more, keeping them a consistently safe temperature. Serving seafood bisque or chowder? Our rethermalizing Soup Warmers come in 5-, 7- and 11- quart sizes and our Twin Soup Warmers allow you to offer multiple plant-based soups – hot and fresh all day.

Looking for other efficient dispensing options? Try our Pouched Food Stations or our latest innovation Touchless Express™ Dispensers. And contact us to learn how we can help equip you to join the meatless movement in your operation.


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