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Streamline Your pop-up restaurant Menu & Equipment

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Move over food trucks and make room for pop-ups. While food trucks aren’t driving away any time soon, they’ll need to compete with the hot and growing trend of pop-up restaurants. The flexible format allows these limited-time venues to be conveniently located in a variety of places – from rooftops and public parking lots to city festivals and parks. While these temporary establishments allow chefs to test out menu concepts or a new restaurant theme, there are some efficiencies that can be gained by making smart decisions on ingredients and equipment. Server brings simple solutions you can easily integrate to ensure success and cost savings.

Pop-up restaurant footprints tend to be smaller than permanent establishments, limiting both pantry space and refrigeration storage. Consider repurposing flavors and utilizing the same ingredients for multiple applications across all dayparts.

  • If your pop-up is a Mexican concept, you can repurpose your house-made queso sauce for breakfast burritos or burgers, to top huevos rancheros or omelets, on traditional nachos or nacho tots, in street tacos and as sauce on Mexican pizza. Server’s IntelliServ® Warmer keeps queso the perfect temperature all day, and the large stainless-steel 1/3-size pan is 6" deep, reducing the amount of times staff need to refill.
  • Looking to set up a sandwich joint? Use Cold Serving Stations with three 1/6-size pans to keep toppings such as diced onions, pickles, tomatoes and peppers prepped and ready. This stainless steel station is insulated to prevent condensation and comes with a clear lid for easy visibility of topping levels. It features a hinged lid with the option of stay-open and self-close operation. Whether breakfast burgers, burger bowls or barbecue is on your pop-up menu, you can keep toppings cold and fresh during all dayparts.
  • Opening a wing shop can be streamlined by bringing a little organization to your kitchen. From traditional buffalo sauce and BBQ to Jamaican Jerk and Habanero Mango, you can hold eight sauces and marinades in one place with this insulated Squeeze Bottle Station. The open-frame design aids air circulation below while its lid keeps cold air from escaping. Just air fry or deep fry wings, grab the sauce of choice, and toss it over your wings – it’s as simple as that.

Investing in the right equipment, consolidating ingredients and crafting your menu so it works harder for you can help you conserve valuable storage space, reduce food costs and save time and labor in your pop-up restaurant. For more turnkey and delicious menu ideas, read Kick Off Summer With Crave-worthy LTOs and Big Menu Variety In Small Spaces. And learn more about our latest innovative line of Touchless Express™ Dispensers.