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Loaded Sweet Potato Chips


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Serve the Ultimate Sports Smorgasbord

Updated 2022.02.24; Original 2017.3.14

Whether it's the World Cup or World Series, Stanley Cup or Super Bowl, major sporting events draw huge crowds. The energy and camraderie of celebrating with a group often drives people to restaurants. Want to tout your establishment as a go-to game day spot? Server's products can help you pull off a successful, profitable game day party.

Build-your-own-Bloody Mary Bar

The bar provides the vodka, and customers do the rest! One thing we know in Wisconsin is how to build an extravagant Bloody Mary. Place condiment spears next to an Insulated Station filled with green olives, pickled mushrooms, cheese cubes, beef sticks, pickled asparagus, or any other crazy finger foods. Chill lemons or limes with a Lemon Server, add a dash of celery salt with an InSeason, provide various hot sauces for different viewers' spice tolerances and voila!

Loaded Nachos or French Fries

Chips and fries taste great topped with just about anything. Give your Cheese Server a workout to provide the essential base layer of any good loaded side dish. Warm chili or protiens like seasoned shredded chicken and ground beef with an IntelliServ™ warmer and use an Insulated Mini Station to keep jalapenos, olives, avocados and salsa fresh.

Almost Mess-less Wing BarWings

Because who keeps their face and fingers clean while eating wings? Open sauce crocks with ladles are just asking for trouble if you choose to do self-service wings. Instead, set up a Pump Station for wing sauces and ranch dressing. Not only does it speed serving time at the sauce station, it eliminates the constant clean-up and waste from ladle drips and over pouring.

Handle admission in whatever way best works for your restaurant – try implementing a game-time cover charge to cover the appetizers, or offer the snacks for free and enjoy extra profits from the bar!