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Fan Favorite Super Bowl Menu Items


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Score big with Super Bowl Food Favorites

Planning out your Super Bowl catering menu cannot start soon enough. Whether you offer an a la carte snacks, apps, and entrées menu or create party food kit combos for takeout or delivery, publishing your game-time menu early and allowing guests to order in advance will help you prepare.

With labor and supply chain shortages continuing into 2022, focusing on ingredients that can be used across multiple applications and placing orders with suppliers ahead of time can set your operation up for success. Plus, knowing how many game-day orders you need to fulfill will help you staff your operation properly.

In addition, you can streamline back-of-house operations with efficient dispensing and serving equipment. Server Products equipment solutions help reduce labor, allow for menu flexibility, and make it easy to maintain food quality with units that keep foods hot or cold depending on need. 

Score big with these winning game-day foods consumers crave and block and tackle with equipment options that drive operational efficiencies.

Starting Lineup:

Shareable snacks top the list for most enjoyed Super Bowl foods.

  • Nachos/Totchos: Whether with tots, waffle fries, or tortilla chips as your base, try meaty toppings such as bacon, brisket, buffalo chicken, or plant-based meats. And give your applications a signature twist with white cheddar queso, a buffalo and bleu cheese sauce combo, or habanero or smokey BBQ sauces.
  • Wings: Hot, mild, buffalo, or extra spicy, wings and drumsticks are fan favorites. Consider including a flight of sauces to accompany every order.
  • Jalapeño Poppers: Put a spin on this classic with bleu cheese and bacon filling or stuffing with mascarpone, garlic, and onion and topping with cheddar jack cheese.

To carefully and conveniently heat and hold a variety of nacho sauces, use our Twin Topping Warmers. With individual heat control, you can easily warm two toppings or sauces with each unit – ideal for keeping smaller batches prepped and fresh.

Server’s Squeeze Bottle Stations keep your signature sauce flights and classic condiments organized and available for quick access. We have options for ambient and cold uses in stations that hold up to 8 flavors. For heated sauces, try our SignatureTouch™ Squeeze Bottle Warmer. This warmer is thermostatically controlled to hold sauces at serving temperature in a water-bath and features a thermostat that turns the heating element on or off as needed to eliminate burning or scorching.   

First Down Favorites:

Handheld foods make it easy for fans to enjoy the game and eat their favorite items.

  • Sliders: No matter the flavor – beef, pork, seafood, or meat alternative – these mini sandwiches are packed with flavor and perfectly bite-sized. Try offering by the dozen or mix-and-match flavors if your operation is equipped for customization.
  • Chicken Sandwiches: Thanks to the insurgence of the Nashville Hot Chicken, the chicken sandwich reigns champion. Craft a spicy mayo or coleslaw, top with pickled peppers, or create and name your own local sauce to layer on the flavor.
  • Sub Platters: Save time on ingredient sourcing and reduce labor by limiting the number of options. Consider a vegetarian, loaded meat, and either seafood or Italian sub-option and use similar ingredients across subs to maximize ordering efficiencies.

Keep all your fixings fresh and prepped for building your catered Super Bowl sandwiches with our Countertop and Drop-In Cold Stations. The 1/6-size pans work well for holding diced onions and peppers, sliced tomatoes, and pickles, chopped coleslaw and lettuce, and more.

From thin vinaigrettes to thicker chutneys and crafted sauces, we offer a range of dispensing solutions with our selection of Inset Pan & Jar Pumps. Available options include 1/9-size jar pumps up to 1/2-size long food pans.

Halftime Entertainment:

Flavorful dips travel well for takeout and delivery and are must-have menu items for game time.

  • Spinach and Artichoke Dip: For a creamier version, use alfredo sauce as a base. To boost up the protein, add chicken. And for a smoky kick, try blending in chipotle chiles.
  • Mac & Cheese Dip: More popular than ever, mac and cheese makes the list. Why not offer as a dip? Try adding pepper jack or a hot habanero cheese to drive flavor into overtime.
  • Buffalo Chicken Dip: Basic, yet bold, a super bowl party would not be complete without buffalo chicken dip. Serve it in a football-shaped bread bowl or large tortilla bowl to add a fun touch.  

Use our 6-quart IntelliServ® Warmers with options for 1/3-size or two 1/6-size steam table pans to keep your dip selections hot and ready for to-go containers. Digital display of temperature provides instant feedback of heat setting and digital temp controls ensure accurate warming and holding throughout the day.

By planning your Super Bowl menu ahead and staffing appropriately for catered takeout and delivery orders, you can score some serious profits and perhaps make new fans of your restaurant.