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Can2Pouch™ Conversion Kit

Model:FSPP/N:81184List:$148.04 USD
  • Can2Pouch-Conversion-Kit_81184
  • Can2Pouch FSP Conversion Kit
  • Conversion Kit for 48 oz Pouches

Fast Facts

Keep your existing equipment and convert from #10 cans to pouched toppings with ease. Warmer taps into 48 oz pouch with center fitment; outside of pump stays clean and evacuation is excellent.

Ideal For

  • Operations currently using #10 topping cans looking to transition to pouches
  • Keeping food costs of expensive ingredients in check by dispensing more servings than from cans
  • Decreasing cleaning time; outside of pump stays clean
Serving Application:
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • GTIN: 687329027125
  • Pouches eliminate the need for a water-bath and still prevent hot spots and accurate, even heat to your ice cream toppings.
  • Up to 98% product evacuation & 97% less packaging waste with pouches
  • Pouch and fitment create sealed, sanitary system without the mess
  • Cleanliness - pump exterior and food vessel remain clean because topping is contained in the pouch
  • No water level monitoring or risk of vapor damage to topping
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Dimensional Weight3 lb | 1.4 kg
International Dim Wt3 lb | 1.4 kg

Specification Sheet


  • Can2Pouch FSP Conversion Kit | 81184
    Can2Pouch FSP Conversion Kit | 81184

    How to install a Server Products' Can2Pouch FSP Conversion Kit (81184). This allows you to dispense from a 48 topping pouch with center fitment.

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