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Progressive SmartWares™ Technology Empowers Foodservice

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Server understands the multitude of challenges foodservice operators face today – from managing staffing fluctuations and supply chain shortages to balancing varying consumer dining behaviors – all while trying to stay profitable. We’re continuing to invest in ways to help you serve smarter so your operation can run as efficiently and profitably as possible today and for years to come.

As a food and beverage technology company, we’ve engineered a progressive new platform – SmartWares™ Technology. This transformative technology will allow managers and staff to monitor, capture, and store real-time data that will help increase productivity and safety levels while delivering unmatched efficiency, accuracy, consistency, and simplicity to your foodservice venue.

90% of restaurants agree that increased automation for back-of-house operations would allow staff to focus on more important tasks1. Integrating Server’s automated SmartWares Technology can help your operation and staff perform at a higher level. Here are three key capabilities to consider:

  1. Activated Dispensing

SmartWares Technology makes it possible to dispense the exact same recipe in every one of your units for a consistent user experience use after use, visit after visit.

  • Electronic dispensing controls portion sizes to eliminate waste and over- or -under portioning for consistent flavor in every recipe and faster, stress-free dispensing at the touch of a button.
  • Sensor dispensing adds safer, touch-free interaction through motion, QR code, or voice-activated sensors for simple operation and enhanced productivity and security.
  • POS dispensing connects back- and -front-of-house systems to increase efficiencies and reduce order errors through a seamlessly integrated and automated platform.
  1. Wireless Connectivity

Integrating SmartWares wireless technology within your restaurant allows for greater quality control over the food you’re serving with less reliance on staff to manually handle line checks of food temperatures and levels.

  • Wi-Fi enablement gives networked management teams and in-operation staff the capability of connecting with each other and the ability to interact with and monitor smart equipment whether onsite or off.
  • Bluetooth pairing brings efficient and seamless in-operation connectivity for real-time automatic monitoring and managing product levels, temperatures, and more.
  1. Data Capture and Storing

91% of restaurants say that automation with inventory/item availability would help fill critical business gaps2. Innovative SmartWares technology enables your restaurant to capture, report, and store vital data that helps inform relevant and consequential business decisions. Now owners, managers, and even health inspectors can easily view an electronic performance history of smart equipment without sorting through endless paper data logs.

  • loT-enablement collects and reports data about each specific piece of smart equipment, automatically capturing information such as changes in food temps or if foods are getting low and will need refilling by a certain time. Information is relayed in real-time through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity for staff to manage.
  • Cloud connectivity sends secured data to a cloud server for storage and analytics. This allows operators to view and obtain historical information on how each piece of connected smart equipment is performing over time which helps with inventory management and cost savings.

SmartWares Technology is the future of foodservice that can be implemented today and customized to fit your unique needs.

While SmartWares offers a progressive, transformative platform for your operation, we’re also making great strides in shifting our design aesthetics of all Server branded equipment. Our inspired industrial design model blends form and function – progressive ergonomics and styling with intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

  • Customized, leading-edge ID brings best-in-class concepts to life that meet operator and consumer expectations. Our team of innovators and engineers collaborate with you on specificities – coloration, textures, materials – tailored to your needs for future-forward equipment that serves you better.
  • Smart, simple interfaces are practical and easy to operate reducing the time required to train staff and the time required to maintain equipment.

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