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SmartWares™ Technology Data Management Capabilities

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To supplement our ongoing blog series featuring SmartWares™ Technology, we are taking a deeper dive into the benefits and capabilities related to the data capturing, storage, and reporting features that SmartWares Technology brings to your foodservice business.

According to a survey conducted by Square, 91% of restaurants are looking to kitchen automation technology to help streamline their operations. More specifically, forty-seven percent of full-service operators and thirty-seven percent of quick-service operators feel new technology is key for their businesses.1 Through the convergence of IoT enablement and cloud connectivity capabilities, Server’s SmartWares Technology allows your operation to gain greater visibility and quality control over the foods your serve, reduces labor and food waste, and automatically captures data for real-time reporting while storing it to analyze ongoing business decisions.

Immediate Visibility For Greater Quality Control

How much time does your staff spend checking and rechecking the food levels of your food warmers or dispensing equipment? How often does your operation have to throw away prepared foods because staff was unaware that safe holding temperatures were not maintained? IoT-enabled SmartWares Technology simplifies processes by collecting current data about each specific piece of connected smart equipment. It instantaneously captures information such as changes in food temps and inventory levels, alerting staff if foods are getting low and will need replenishing by a certain time. This crucial information is relayed in real-time through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity for staff to seamlessly manage.

Taking a few tasks off your staff’s plate allows them to focus on other aspects of your business such as prepping food, serving onsite customers and fulfilling offsite orders, and sanitizing and cleaning front-of-house spaces. Food quality is maintained due to the consistent monitoring of holding temps for smart equipment, and operators can also experience cost savings since food waste is virtually eliminated. IoT enablement frees up staff, increases overall operational efficiencies, and improves quality control.

Storing and Analyzing Data Drives Future Business Learnings

With cloud connectivity, innovative SmartWares Technology stores and analyzes vital data that helps inform relevant and consequential business decisions. Through a secured cloud server, owners and management teams can observe and evaluate historical information on how each piece of connected smart equipment is performing over time.

SmartWares Technology data capturing feature generates reports on the performance of your smart equipment. For example, if one of your soup warmers consistently loses its temperature after a certain period of time, or if your connected beverage dispensers are constantly needing refilling, you’ll be able to see a historical view of the functionality of every piece of linked equipment. Not only will this help inform any maintenance needs, but it will also help manage food inventory. Knowing how much of a specific ingredient or prepared food is being used—such as taco meat or queso cheese—gives you a better line of sight when placing future food orders, saving your operation money due to not over-or-under ordering ingredients. This also gives you an advantage when communicating with health inspectors. Having an electronic performance history of smart equipment at the click of a button expedites the inspection process and alleviates sorting through endless paper data logs.

Contact us to learn more about how IoT enablement and cloud connectivity through SmartWares Technology can streamline your operation. And read our blogs SmartWares Dispensing Technology and Integrated SmartWares Connectivity that provides additional capabilities that SmartWares Technology brings to your business.

1Global State of the Hospitality Industry report from Lightspeed