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Sustainable Initiatives

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Sustaining tomorrow's planet with today's initiatives.

While we work to make the future of foodservice better than ever, we also want the best for our planet. That’s why we created sustainable initiatives that touch every aspect of our business.


  • Manufacturing wastewater is collected and taken to offsite reclamation facilities.
  • Production facility lighting was switched from inefficient sodium-vapor lighting to highly efficient fluorescent lamps, reducing our lighting energy usage by 50%.
  • Old computer equipment is sent to recycling facilities for reclamation of metals such as lead, mercury and gold.
  • Manufacturing scrap metal is collected and recycled.
  • Waste paper and cardboard is collected and recycled. A minimum of 60% recycled cardboard is used in our packaging.


  • A large line of flexible packaging dispensers offer 92 – 98% evacuation of product.
  • By utilizing flexible packaging systems, less packaging waste is going into landfills.
  • Our dispensers offer lifelong use and consistency of portion when compared to plastic disposable pumps.
  • Dispensing out of bulk containers with Server pumps in lieu of portion packs is a more sustainable option.
  • Many of Server’s products are made with stainless steel which is 100% recyclable.
  • Server continually looks at the components used in production to ensure they are RoHS compliant.
  • Two-year warranty on most products shows Server’s commitment to durability and reliability.  Through quality comes less waste.

Corporate Facilities

  • Utilities monitoring and efficient control systems minimize our energy consumption.
  • State-of-the-art environmentally friendly water treatment system was developed in collaboration with the University of WI, USA.