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Smart Equipment Serves Up Seasonal Soups at Safe Temps All Day


As cooler weather approaches, many consumers start gravitating toward warm, comforting foods like soups. Operators can leverage this seasonal demand along with all the versatility soup brings. As soup is the perfect base for innovation, simple ingredient additions and ethnic flavors can boost orders and drive traffic. Whether guest consume from a cup as a starter, a bowl as an entrée or from a to-go container, the flexibility soup brings to your operation is endless.

Make sure to have the right equipment on hand to keep your soups warm and ready all day and to accommodate both online and onsite orders. Soup Warmers provide an ideal solution for holding soups at safe temperatures all day. From brothy-style and creamy based soups to hearty stews and chili, choose from 11-quart, 7-quart and 5-quart options depending on your needs and consumer demand. Each option includes a temperature-controlled thermostat for accurate heat control and a wrap-around heating element that provides even heat, eliminating hot spots.

Try these LTO ideas to satisfy your guests’ soup cravings this fall:

Twist on Comforting Classics

Turn traditional vegetable soup to a flavor fiesta by swapping in fire roasted vegetables such as peppers, mushrooms, corn, zucchini and even sauteed kale or spinach. Put a spin on savory bisque by adding wild mushrooms and sauteed pumpkin or craft a creamy butternut squash and apple bisque. Use a Twin Soup Warmer to keep (2) 5-quart flavors hot and fresh. Hinged lids stay upright during ladling and return condensate to the soup to retain flavor. Our Twin Soup Merchandiser Station features a colorful "Hearty Homestyle Soup" theme on three-sides and a header board to help create interest and generate soup sales.

Excite with Ethnic Flavors

Global flavors are surging across U.S. menus, and soup is the perfect foundation for implementing ethnic flavors. Common in Singaporean cuisine, Laksa is a flavorful soup that features noodles and either a coconut milk-based curry or a clear, sour broth and can be topped with prawns, bean sprouts and laksa leaves. Currently, 44% of U.S. consumers want to try it.1 Tom Yum soup, another up and coming variety, is a hot and sour Thai soup typically cooked with shrimp and is showing a +13.5% 4-year growth on menus.2 Or, bring some Mexican flair to your soup lineup with Pozole – a rich, brothy soup made with pork, hominy and red chilis. Datassential reports this savory soup is expected to grow +18% on menus the next four years.2 For serving multiple varieties, use the Triple Soup Warmer.

Tasty Toppings

Don’t forget topping embellishment before serving. Croutons, parmesan pinwheels and crispy fried shallots bring a tasty texture to smooth and creamy soups. Pile your bowls with ingredients you have on hand such as shredded cabbage and cheeses, radishes, cilantro and avocado. Our WireWise™ Tiered Stations work great for holding chopped ambient toppings, and our Mini Cold Stations are key in keeping cold ingredients fresh and ready.


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