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Labor-reducing restaurant equipment

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updated 2021.09.02 (origin 2021.07.13)

We understand that with all the challenges foodservice has been faced with this past year, finding solutions to labor shortages or lack of experience rises to the top. One simple solution is to invest in equipment that does the thinking for your staff so they can focus on other important tasks.

Optimizing efficiency back-of-house with a few thoughtful equipment decisions leads to a less-stressed crew and happier customers.

Pouched products

Besides the hygienic advantages of serving from a pouch, connecting your pump to a pouch keeps the pump’s exterior clean – which drastically reduces time spent cleaning – and speeds product changeouts.

Both our legacy Express™ dispensers and our new Touchless Express™ dispensers connect to 1 1/2-gallon condiment pouches. Once a pouch is empty, simply disconnect from one pouch, connect to the full pouch, and continue dispensing.

The EZ-Topper™ pouched topping warmer heats a reserve fudge or caramel pouch while you serve from the first so you never have to wait for your topping to reach serving temperature. Our Stainless Steel Pumps are also NSF listed for clean-in-place, which eliminates time spent disassembling and reassembling pumps.

Each of these pieces also include Portion Optimization™ capabilities that help reduce labor.

Portion Control

Portion control takes the guesswork out of food prep. Operators can set and forget portion sizes per piece of equipment to ensure the correct amount of flavoring or toppings are added to a menu item. This takes the pressure off managers training new staff members as well.

SlimLine™ dry food and candy dispensers allow for portioning blended dessert add-ins and ingredients, oatmeal toppings and more. Each dispenser includes interchangeable portion trays to serve consistent 1/2-oz, 3/4-oz, 1-oz, or 1 1/2-oz portions.

For condiments, sauces, and syrups, try our reusable Eco™ Pumps or our bread-and-butter – Stainless Steel Pumps. These pumps come in both fixed-portion models and adjustable-portion models. Using supplied gauging collars, reduce portions in 1/8-oz increments, so you always dish out the ideal amount.


Rethermalizers heat foods from a chilled state through the HAACP danger zone to a safe serving temperature quickly. This means gravies, sauces, or proteins can be heated and served from the same pan – no extra dishes. Plus, our temperature-sensing thermostats ensure food product doesn’t burn to your insets, which simplifies end-of-day cleanup.

Our end-operated, IntelliServ® countertop warmer utilizes standard size food pans, up to 1/3-pan, and utensils already in your kitchen. Portion-controlled pumps and ladles take the guesswork out of serving, and its precise thermostat can hold even the most temperature-sensitive ingredients like mornay sauce or cone dip. Easily swap out LTO items throughout the day by keeping backup pans stocked and ready.

Hold three quarts of soups, proteins, sauces or dessert toppings in each inset of our Twin Topping Warmers. Each vessel has its own dedicated thermostat and the option to serve using a combination of portion-controlled pumps or ladles. Easily transition foods across dayparts – offer grits, oatmeal or sausage gravy during breakfast, and swap for soups, sandwich proteins, or dessert sauces during lunch and dinner hours.

For additional resources, see our videos Benefits of Pouched Dispensing and Cleaning a Stainless Steel Pump, and our blog How to Use IntelliServ for Every Daypart.