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Model:Solution SB-2 | SB-3 | SB-4
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Fast Facts

The Solution pump station is ideal for portion-controlled dispensing of seasonal menu items with varying consistencies. An insulated base holds two, three or four chilled condiments and sauces in 3 1/2 quart fountain jars for your countertop or drop-in application. Chill with ice or Universal Ice Pack 100515.

Ideal For
  • Chilled condiment and sauces; from thick bbq sauce to thin and sticky syrup
  • Improved flavor profile of chilled dressings without cooler storage hassles
  • BOH salad bars and wait stations
Serving Application:

Polycarbonate Solution pumps are quite versatile in their ability to dispense a variety of thick, thin and even products with particulates. Unlike most plastic pumps, Solution pumps offer adjustable portion control, can be disassembled, are dishwasher safe and NSF listed. A 1 ounce serving is the maximum portion per stroke and can be reduced in 1/4 ounce increments.

Key Features
  • Brushed finish base reduces the visibility of fingerprints
  • Insulation eliminates condensation on outside, when chilling
  • Polycarbonate Solution pumps; parts are removable & dishwasher safe
  • 1 oz portion, adjusts in 1/4 oz increments
  • Dispenses cold syrups to pumpable relish with discharge fittings included
  • 3 1/2 quart, white plastic fountain jars


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 DescriptionModelp/nCapacityServing ApplicationServing MethodList Price 
SB-2Cold Station | (2) Jars & Solution™ PumpsSB-279790
Pump$650.50 USD More Info Add to Wish List
SB-2DIDrop-In Cold Station | (2) Jars & Solution™ PumpsSB-2DI79800(2) 3 1/2-quart
Pump$701.18 USD More Info Add to Wish List
SB-3Cold Station | (3) Jars & Solution PumpsSB-379810(3) 3 1/2-quart
Pump$843.59 USD More Info Add to Wish List
SB-3DIDrop-In Cold Station | (3) Jars & Solution™ PumpsSB-3DI79820(3) 3 1/2-quart
Pump$890.16 USD More Info Add to Wish List
SB-4Cold Station | (4) Jars & Solution™ PumpsSB-479830(4) 3 1/2-quart
Pump$1,029.85 USD More Info Add to Wish List
SB-4DIDrop-In Cold Station | (4) Jars & Solution™ PumpsSB-4DI79840(4) 3 1/2-quart
Pump$1,090.11 USD More Info Add to Wish List

Specification Sheet

  • Fountain Jar Cold Stations | Specs 02020
    Fountain Jar Cold Stations | Specs 02020

    Specs for cold stations with stainless steel or Solution pumps or lid and ladle stations. Each include insulated stainless steel base, fountain jars and pumps or hinged lids and ladles.

Parts Breakdown

Resource Documents


Why is my Solution pump dripping product?


Solution pumps come with (3) discharge fittings with varying opening sizes. Thick products work with the largest opening and thin the smallest. If your product is dripping, it may need the next smaller opening from what is installed. Too hard to push? Use the discharge fitting with a larger opening.


Why is my Solution  pump difficult to push down to pump?


Solution pumps come with (3) discharge fittings with varying opening sizes. Thick products work with the largest opening and thin the smallest. If it's too hard to push, you may need the discharge fitting with the next larger opening.


Why does my Solution pump dispense only a little or no product?


When this happens on a Solution pump, the first place to look is within the pump assembly. With the pump apart, check if the ball valves and seal are properly installed. Ball valves must be facing downward.

Our trick to remembering this is to say, in your mom's voice, "Put the BALL DOWN!". My bet is you won't forget it, no matter how hard you try.


Why isn't my Solution pump returning to the start position after dispensing?


If the plunger is not returning to start position after dispensing, it may likely be a broken spring. The spring is a replacement piece that will eventually wear out and break.

Sometimes how the pump is assembled can cause it to "lock-up" somewhat. During assembly, compress the pump and spring, while aligning flats on piston with the flats inside the cylinder. Another tip is the locking collar should be installed with the pump compressed.

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