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Get equipped for kids' menus


You spend many hours on menu ideation, ensuring guests’ favorites are always staples as well as including seasonal fare and rotating in different LTO options to keep your menu fresh and appealing to adults. What about the younger guests? Not as much time is dedicated to their tastes beyond bland flavors and the basics – pancakes, chicken nuggets, pizza and noodles. Sure, there are some finicky little eaters out there, but kids’ palates have evolved and become more sophisticated as they’re also desiring new flavors and textures. By making some simple adjustments to your kids’ menu and streamlining preparation back-of-house, you can accommodate a variety of taste preferences easily, and even make it a fun experience for them.

Look to Server Products for solutions as you’re refreshing your kids’ menu lineup. We’re leading the way in innovation by delivering labor-saving and efficient dispensing, holding, and serving solutions to help speed prep and service. Try these multifunctional equipment offerings to simplify service, save on counterspace and keep ingredients fresh and ready for all-day dining and delivery or takeout service:

Fountain Jar Stations:

Keep all your dry or solid ingredients and toppings prepped and ready with our Cold Stations with Lids and Ladles. Available in (2), (3) and (4) 2-quart fountain jar stations in drop-in or countertop options – all are made from an insulated, stainless-steel base that keeps food cold for up to 4 hours with ice or ice packs. On your digital menu tableside or online, let kids get creative and build their own pizza, taco, pasta or BBQ bowls by selecting available proteins, add-ins and toppings. Cold stations will keep your ingredients cold and ready, and the convenient ladles allow for easy application before cooking.

Countertop Squeeze Bottle Stations:

We’ve combined one of our Squeeze Bottle Holders with a countertop unit to provide efficient organization of dressings and sauces. This setup includes an open-frame design to aid in air circulation below while the lid keeps cold air from escaping, and (8) 16-oz TableCraft® squeeze bottles to have a variety of sauces available. Kids love food on sticks. Inspire their minds and palates by skewering main dishes like chicken tenders, meatballs, tortellini and ravioli or sides like fruits and veggies. Offer a variety of dipping sauces that include their favorites and some flavor-forward options – from ranch, BBQ and pesto to salsa, hummus and creamy avocado dip. The possibilities are playfully endless and 100% kid-friendly.

Mini Stations and Topping Warmers:

Our Mini Cold Stations are as adorable as your guests under 4ꞌ and super functional, too. The 4-jar station holds 1/9-size plastic jars that are 6" deep with clear hinged lids and 1/2-oz spoons so you can easily see and dispense toppings. Use our Twin Topping Warmers to keep sauces warm and ready. This unit features individual thermostats and power switches for each well, sensing food temps and turning the heating element on or off as needed – which eliminates burning and scorching. It’s probably no surprise that most kids love sweets. Make dessert even more fun with a similar setup as an ice cream bar. Start with pound cake or a brownie as the base and let kids choose their toppings for their own signature dessert, using Server stations and warmers to dispense ingredients such as gummy worms, crushed cookies, sprinkles, berries, pretzel crumbs and chocolate and caramel sauces.

Giving a little effort to your kids’ menu can go a long way in having repeat customers as they grow up. Server makes it easy to prep, hold and dispense all their favorite ingredients. Check out our catalog for more innovative and labor-saving equipment, and visit our blog, ServCast, for menu inspiration, equipment resources and more.