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Big Menu Items Boost Breakfast Dining


Consumers are returning to their morning routines and restaurants are slowly seeing incremental growth in traffic and check averages.1 By making some innovative menu shifts, restaurants can drive traffic and entice repeat visits. Here are some big breakfast trends nourishing menus in foodservice.


Mentions of breakfast bowls jumped 31.5% on menus year over year2 and are showing a 27.3% 4-year growth.3 Whether egg-based, meat-based, veggie-based or a combination of all, bowls are extremely versatile, lending themselves perfectly to virtually any ingredient, and are a perfect format for dine in, drive thru and delivery service. IntelliServ® Warmers keep plant-based meats, crumbled sausage or bacon and other proteins hot and ready for scooping into bowls. The WireWise™ Tiered Pump Station for condiments allow you to dispense a variety of ambient sauces to add delicious flavor to your breakfast bowls.


90% of consumers love or like pizza,4 and while primarily consumed from lunch to late night, the morning daypart is taking a slice out of this consumption pie. Whether served as an entrée, personal size or shareable format, breakfast pizza is expected to grow 25.6% on menus3 and offers menu flexibility and easy customization. Create a made-to-order breakfast pizza station with convenient equipment that keeps toppings fresh and flavorful. Prep and hold cold ingredients like shredded cheese and chopped veggies safely with our Cold Serving Stations that use (3) 1/6-size steam table pans.


Burgers are another menu staple making their way into the breakfast daypart, with an impressive, expected growth of 94% on menus.3 Stack on the flavor with traditional beef patties, bacon, poached or over-easy eggs and cheese, and you have a simple menu addition that could be served all day. Keep three savory sauces cold and handy for customized flavor with a countertop Squeeze Bottle Station – featuring an open-frame design that aids in air circulation below while its lid keeps cold air from escaping. This Station includes (3) 16 oz Tablecraft Squeeze Bottles.


While Gen Z is more likely than other consumers to be vegan or vegetarian, 69% of all consumers would at least occasionally order plant-based alternative meat if available.5 Implementing a meatless menu option for breakfast, using lunch and dinner mainstays for inspiration, can be extremely popular and easy. Here are some trending meat-free breakfast menu items showing impressive 4-year growth potential: avocado toast (+693%), mac and cheese (+65%), tostadas (+79%), deviled eggs (+150%) and empanadas (41%).3 Use Mini Cold Stations for keeping toppings such as freshly chopped chives, cilantro, parsley and tomatoes chilled and ready to top. To dispense consistent portions of salt and other spices, our InSeason™ salt and seasoning dispenser is an ideal solution for drop pattern application.

For more meatless menu inspiration read our Get Equipment For The Meatless Movement blog. And, to learn more about Server innovation, check out our SmartWares™ technology platform that delivers unmatched dispensing efficiency, accuracy and safety.


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