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EZ-Topper™ Pouched Topping Merchandisers

Model:EZT | EZT-S
  • Twin, 4 Pouch 85899
  • Twin Top, Holds 1 85920
  • 85790 Single Straight on
  • 85790 Back of Single EZ-Topper
  • SIngle Serve, Hold 2 85860
  • 48 oz Caramel Pouch
Fast Facts

EZ-Topper™ units dispense more servings of warm Fudge or Caramel from a 48-oz pouch with virtually no mess, product breakdown or waste for a quality product from the first serving to the last.

Ideal For
  • Self-serve dessert stations as tamper-resistant packaging brings peace of mind
  • Higher-volume operations looking to minimize downtime during changeouts
  • Lower-volume or sporadic-use operators serving topping over an extended period of time
Supported Plug Types:
Serving Application:
Making desserts memorable is fast and easy with pouched toppings
  • Eliminate downtime; pouched topping warmers dispense from one pouch while pre-heating a second in reserve
  • No water level motoring or risk of vapor damage to topping
  • Evacuation is excellent; more servings to your patrons means more profit
  • Pouches occupy less storage space and produce less waste than rigid packaging
The Topping Pump
  • A sealed contaminant-free system is created when the pump pierces through a pouch with fitment
  • Manage serving sizes of expensive ingredients with the stainless steel portion-control pump; 1-oz max portion adjusts in 1/8-oz increments
  • Radiant heat from the vessel warms the heater block to keep toppings warm during slow periods.
  • Cleanliness - pump exterior and food vessel remain clean because topping is contained in the pouch
Special Note

Contact your food distributor for special 48-ounce topping pouches with a 16-mm center fitment currently packaged by:

  • Ghirardelli Chocolate Company
  • The Hershey Company
  • Lyons Magnus
  • Masterson Company
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 DescriptionModelp/nCapacityPlug TypesServing MethodList Price 
EZTSingle EZ-Topper | Dual Pouch WarmerEZT85790(2) 48-ounce
Pump$1,007.18 USD More Info Wish List
EZTTwin EZ-Topper | Pouched Topping WarmerEZT85899(4) 48-ounce
Pump$1,509.16 USD More Info Wish List
EZTTwin EZ-Topper | Pouched Topping WarmerEZT85920(2) 48-ounce
Pump$1,421.79 USD More Info Wish List



How do I stop this pump from dripping?


To take care of this mess maker, check the seals and o-rings. If they look worn with tiny cracks or are misshapen, it's a good time for replacement.


Why is my pump hard to push down for dispensing?


This type of symptom was typically seen in Brazed Style (valve bodies) pumps manufactured prior to 1993. Well done on your pump maintenance, if yours is of that age. Our advice is to make sure the ball is resting on the inner valve assembly inside the cage. If that is correctly placed, also ensure the inner valve handle is on the catch.


Why does my pump dispense only a little or no product (under dispense)?


The next time your pump is apart for cleaning, check all seals and o-rings for wear or damage. Over time they develop tiny cracks and need to be replaced. Further investigation depends on what style (age) your pump is…

For a Cast Valve with Captured Balls (1999 to present)
Make sure the balls move freely when cleaning.

A Cast Valve with Loose Balls (1993 - 1999)
Make sure the balls are in the proper place; one in the inlet port of the valve body and the other in the discharge port.

For Brazed Valve Bodies (prior to 1993)
Make sure a ball is installed beneath the ball-retaining pin, the retaining pin is in place and a ball is resting on the inner valve assembly under the cage.


Why is product oozing out around or under the locking collar?


First make sure that the seal is firmly installed on the piston and stem assembly, with the flare side of the seal facing down. If the seal was installed properly, it likely needs replacing.


Why isn't my pump returning to the top after dispensing?


Known to insiders as a plunger problem, it's typically either a missing washer or a broken/missing spring.

The washer is necessary to compress the spring, so if it's missing, your plunger will not return. A well-used spring can become worn out or broken. The spring is also necessary for pump operation. Now you can call yourself an insider too.

Your pump Model and Part number are stamped on the lid. With that information, a parts breakdown will determine replacement part numbers.


My unit stopped heating, turning on or is tripping the breaker. What could be wrong?


Quickly double-check, is the outlet getting power? Do you have too many things plugged into the same outlet or circuit?
Check operation in another outlet.

Did the unit accidentally get wet or submerged?
Save yourself the freight fees and let it fully dry out before sending it in for repair. We have had units returned for repair and with a few days of dry time/transit they started working again.

Has any food waste come in contact with the thermostat?
This can cause the unit to stop heating.

Do you use the unit as a water-bath?
Using treated or softened water and air drying during non-use is a great way to extend the life of the water vessel; prevents water from leaking through a corroded pinhole onto the electrics within.

Is descaling part of your scheduled maintenance?
Over time, lime scale can build up on the unit and cause it to stop working.

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The final cost may be lower or higher based on your location, taking into account taxes, landing fees, etc.