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Serve Spooky with Server


Halloween is one of those holidays where we like to get down and dirty with creative, themed dishes. Whether you’re preparing for a one-day work luncheon or planning a holiday menu at a local “haunt,” here are some fail-safe treats to spread the holiday spirit.

Mummified Desserts

Any establishment could pull off dipped treats with the right equipment. Just think – when was the last time you went somewhere and didn’t see those cute little cake pops or "ghostly" chocolate covered strawberries? They’re easy to make, and an obvious crowd pleaser.

All you need is a quality dip warmer to keep your toppings at the perfect temperature! Squeeze bottles will help create intricate topping designs.

Squeeze on the Spooky

Breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack – squeeze bottles offer the control you'll need to decorate any item. Try spicing up pancakes with warmed drizzles, concoct a red velvet "bloody" cheesecake or sling out some spiderweb nachos or soup.

Halloween Red Velvet Cheesecake

Marinara Monster Bones

If you bake your own bread in-house, try working the dough into shapes; who wouldn't love some "bloody bones" with marinara?

Bone Breadsticks with Marinara

Toxic Pasta

Whether it's mac n' cheese, ravioli or a specialy-shaped pasta, add some green with pesto, avocado and more to create a nuclear-looking dish. Keep sauces at the perfect temperature all night long with the perfect warmer.

Green macaroni

Ghoulish Garnish

What's more eerie than a drink that stares back at you? Not much! Decorate fruity concoctions with lychee eyeballs, or a Bloody Mary with two peering pimiento green olives. Keep garnishes chilled, organized and at the ready with serving stations.

Lychee eyeball drink